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We all try to keep ourselves and our possessions safe, yet burglaries are on the rise. One way to deter thieves is with a well-designed burglar alarm. There are so many to choose from, though -- do you know which kind is best for you? Take our quiz to learn more about burglar alarms and how they can keep your valuables secure.

You can find a do-it-yourself alarm kit for as little as how much?

Some hardware stores sell alarm kits that cost as little as $10.


To cause electricity to flow from one point to another, an electrical circuit must have what?

Electricity flows between opposite charges -- one positive, one negative.


Which of these statements best defines an open-circuit electrical system?

There are two basic categories of electrical systems: open-circuit and closed circuit. When an open-circuit system is open, electricity flows. When it's closed, the flow of electricity is interrupted.


To set off an alarm attached to a closed-circuit system you must do which of these?

You will trigger the alarm attached to a closed-circuit system by opening the system, which interrupts the electrical current. The alarm is designed to sound whenever the circuit is opened.


The preferred system for entry-point alarms is which of these?

Most security systems are closed-circuit systems that remain closed as long as the entry points are closed. When you open a door or window, however, the circuit is broken and the alarm sounds.


Which of these sets of components help make up a magnet sensor system?

A magnet sensor system is a type of closed circuit alarm system. Among the various components are a spring, a magnet, and a switch, which combine to produce the basic circuit.


Which component of a magnet sensor system keeps the circuit switch closed?

The electric switch that keeps the circuit shut is made of metal, and is held in place by a magnet.


Which component of a magnet sensor system causes the switch to open when the door is opened?

A magnetic sensor remains closed as long as the magnet is in line with the switch. The moment the door is opened, the magnet moves, and the spring pulls the switch open, which sets off the alarm.


Other than on a door, you might find a magnet system built into which of these?

The most common places to install magnet systems are doors and windows. These are known as common entry points.


Rather than have each entry point attached to its own control, the modern alarm system uses which of these?

Modern alarm systems have many circuits that are linked to a single control box. The control box monitors all electrical activities related to the various circuits, and sets off the alarm based on the homeowner's settings.


Once the control box recognizes that a circuit has been interrupted, and the alarm is going off, the only way to turn it off is with which of these?

Unless you want to try and destroy the control box, or cut off the power to the entire house, the only way to shut off the alarm is to enter the pass code that overrides the system.


Unlike point-of-entry alarms, motion detectors are intended to protect which of these?

Assuming a thief has entered a location, the thief might still have to deal with another layer of security. Use motion detectors to protect the interior of your home.


Which of these is the most common uses of a radar-based motion detector?

The same technology that makes a door at the supermarket open when you approach it can be used to set off an alarm.


A radar-based motion detector is set off when which of these things occurs?

Radar-based motion detectors emit sonic signals that bounce back and forth along a set path. The moment that flow of energy is interrupted, a mechanism like one that opens an automatic door is activated.


Unlike a radar-based motion detector, which uses sound waves, photo-sensor motion detectors use which of these?

A photo-sensor motion detector responds to interruptions in a light pattern, such as that of a laser.


What does PIR stand for?

The term passive infra-red (PIR) refers to a type of sensor that recognizes infra-red energy.


How are PIR systems used in burglar alarms?

Since ambient temperatures are not constant, a PIR system is usually set to detect sudden and significant changes. The body heat produced by an average person is about 12 micrometers, so when an intruder enters a room the temperature changes enough to be detected by a PIR.


If an alarm is triggered when the circuit is interrupted, why don't alarms go off every time people enter their homes?

Burglar alarms are designed with a delay that allows the homeowner enough time to enter the security code. Usually the delay is between 5 and 10 seconds.


In what way do the sirens and lights of a burglar alarm actually help?

While lights and sirens don't necessarily prevent robberies, they will sometimes cut the thief's activities short. Knowing that much attention is being drawn to the house is a deterrent to most thieves.


The telephone auto-dialer is responsible for which of these safety features?

Most modern alarm systems have a direct line to either your local police station or a security company. Either way, both you and the intruder know that the authorities are on their way.


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