Butter, Sugar, and Flour: Can You Name All of These Foods With All Three of These Ingredients?

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Butter, sugar and flour are pantry staples that are used to make a wide variety of recipes, including sweet desserts. In this quiz, we'll take a look at 40 different recipes that incorporate these basic cooking ingredients.

Butter plays a large role in many baked goods, including adding flavor and moist texture. Depending on the recipe, a little or a whole lot of butter may be used. Butter is also great for frying items in a pan, as it can be substituted for olive oil and vegetable oil.

Sugar is used to add sweetness to a recipe. Many types of sugar may be used, such as granulated, caster, pearl, sanding and cane sugar. If you've ever eaten a dessert that has powdered sugar on top, this type of sugar is known as "Confectioners sugar." An example of a recipe that utilizes this type of sugar is a beignet, which is quite popular in New Orleans, traditionally at Cafe du Monde.

Many types of flour are also used in baked recipes, such as cake flour, bread flour and all-purpose flour. In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge on many types of recipes that utilize flour, sugar and butter, while the other answers in the list are missing one or more of these ingredients. Take this quiz now to try and score a 100%!

Chocolate chips are a staple in this recipe that also calls for flour, sugar and butter. Can you name it?

Cookies are a baked staple that involves flour, sugar, butter and chocolate chips. You can also add in nuts and candy for "kitchen sink" cookies.

You traditionally have ______ on your birthday.

Cake is traditionally consumed on birthdays, and comes in a variety of variations and flavors. Classic cake flavors include chocolate, vanilla and marble.

Apple, blueberry and pecan are all variations of...?

A pie recipe calls for flour, sugar, butter for the pie crust, as well as your choice of filling. Variations include apple, blueberry, pumpkin, pecan and chocolate.

Which of these baked desserts involves bananas?

Banana bread is traditionally made with bananas to give it a moist texture. You can also add in nuts and chocolate chips for banana nut bread or chocolate chip banana bread.

This type of dessert has an assortment of fruit on top. Can you name it?

The crust of a fruit tart is made with sugar, butter and flour. The toppings are assembled using a variety of fruit, such as blueberries, raspberries and kiwi.

Aside from sugar, flour and butter, this dessert has milk in it. Can you name it?

Tres leches cake translates to "three milk cake" due to the three types of milk involved. This is usually evaporated milk, condensed milk and regular milk.

This dessert is rolled with lots of cinnamon. Can you name it?

Cinnabon is a popular brand of cinnamon rolls, which requires butter, sugar, flour and lots of cinnamon. The icing is also made from sugar and butter.

What is the name of this fried dessert that is shaped like a tube?

Festivals and amusement parks will often sell churros, which are made with flour, butter and lots of sugar. Some churros also have a filling inside the tube.

What is the name of this dessert that is usually cut into squares?

Brownies are usually chocolate-flavored and are cut into squares from the brownie pan. These are also made with sugar, butter, flour and lots of chocolate. (Funnel cake doesn't require butter in the recipe).

There is a vegetable in this dessert. What do you think the dessert is?

As the name implies, a carrot cake is made with shredded carrots, as well as sugar, butter and flour. There is also white icing that fills the layers and the outside of this cake.

These "mini cakes" are small and usually feed one person. What are they called?

Cupcakes are like "mini cakes" that are made with sugar, butter and flour (sometimes cake flour is used). Funnel cakes and strawberry shortcakes don't contain butter in the traditional recipes.

Dunkin' and Krispy Kreme are known for their...?

Dunkin' and Krispy Kreme are popular brands of donuts, which are hand-held treats. These are typically sweet, with lots of sugar, butter and flour added.

Which of these desserts is long in length and has a cream filling?

Eclairs are long in length and typically have a cream filling, as well as chocolate icing on top. These are made with sugar, butter, flour, eggs and vanilla extract, among other ingredients.

This dessert has lemon juice in it. What do you think it's called?

As the name implies, a lemon meringue pie has lemon juice in it, which can be extracted from real lemons or a bottle of lemon juice. Sugar, butter, flour, eggs and lemon juice are some of the ingredients used in this pie.

This dessert is like a brownie, but without the cocoa powder. Do you think you can name it?

Blondies are often "blonde" or a pale yellow in color due to the absence of cocoa powder. Sugar, butter, flour and eggs are all used in a blondie recipe.

This rolled dessert has a rich pumpkin flavor. What is it called?

A pumpkin roll is made with cream cheese, pumpkin flavoring, sugar, butter, flour and vanilla extract, among others. It's also a rolled dessert with a "swirl" effect.

This dessert mixes apples with a crispy topping. Can you identify it?

Cinnamon, as well as apples, sugar, butter, flour and nutmeg, are used in a traditional apple crisp recipe. This is also baked so that the topping is crunchy, while the apples are bubbly and soft.

This dessert has layers of white icing and red cake mix. What is the name of it?

Red velvet cake consists of red cake mix that is layered with white icing. Sugar, butter, flour, eggs, red food coloring and baking soda are used in a traditional recipe.

You can incorporate different kinds of fruits and nuts in this dessert. What is it called?

Pound cake is made with a baking agent, sugar, butter, flour, eggs and vanilla extract. It can also be made with fruit and nuts throughout the inside the cake.

There is custard in the center of this dessert. Can you name it?

Boston cream pie has a layer of custard in the center of the cake, as well as a rich chocolate icing on the outside. The cake is made with sugar, butter, flour and vanilla extract, among others.

What is the name of this breakfast staple with syrup on top?

Syrup and butter go great with pancakes, which utilize sugar, butter, flour, eggs and a baking agent. You can also add in chocolate chips and nuts.

This recipe uses thick slices of bread. Can you name it?

French toast utilizes thick slices of bread to soak in a mixture of flour, milk, sugar and cinnamon. Butter is then used to help fry the bread against the pan.

The pan of this dessert was invented by H. David Dalquist. Are you aware of it?

A bundt cake is made with a bundt pan, which was invented by H. David Dalquist. There is no butter in a traditional angel food cake recipe, which is one of the answers in the list.

Which of these desserts features a checkered pattern?

A checkerboard cake has a checkered pattern with alternating colors inside the cake. Aside from sugar, butter and flour, food coloring is used, as well as eggs and vanilla extract.

Blackberry, peach and apple are all variations of ...?

Lemon juice, or some type of acidity, is incorporated with fruit in a traditional cobbler dessert. This is made with sugar, butter, flour, cinnamon and a baking agent as well.

This dessert incorporates various kinds of chocolate (and is made with sugar, butter and flour). What do you think it is?

A devil's food cake is a type of chocolate cake that also has chocolate icing on the outside. Some cooks also add in nuts and chocolate chips as well.

Which of these desserts comes from New Orleans?

A doberge cake has many layers on the inside, and actually comes from New Orleans. There is typically no butter in cannolis, no flour or butter in tiramisu and no flour or butter in an eton mess.

This dessert is a staple in Canada. Think you can name it?

Fried dough is made from flour, sugar, butter, milk, eggs and other ingredients. This is a popular fried dessert in Canada and can also be topped with other sweet toppings.

Which of these desserts is the most popular during the holidays?

Gingerbread cookies can be decorated with icing and taste like a cross between ginger and cinnamon. A classic gingerbread house also uses gingerbread dough.

Milk is used in which of these desserts?

Hot milk cake incorporates flour, sugar, butter, milk and a baking agent to create a moist texture. This is also best served with fruit on top.

Can you name this lemon-flavored dessert that is cut into squares?

Lemon bars are square-shaped and have a distinct lemon flavor to them. Flour, butter, sugar, a baking agent and some eggs are used to make this.

Which of these desserts typically has alcohol in it?

A lane cake has alcohol in it, which could include brandy or bourbon. This is also made with butter, flour, sugar, vanilla extract and a baking agent.

Which of these desserts incorporates various spices like nutmeg and cinnamon?

A stack cake is typically spiced and has various types of fruit in it, with apple as a popular choice. Flour, sugar, butter and cloves are some of the ingredients in the recipe.

Which of these desserts looks like a sandwich?

A whoopie pie is a type of dessert-sandwich with a cream filling in between. Sugar, butter, flour, cocoa powder, eggs and milk are some of the ingredients in a traditional recipe.

Which of these desserts has cinnamon in it?

Snickerdoodle cookies are made with cream of tartar, sugar, butter, cinnamon and flour, among other ingredients. These are also very soft and chewy in texture.

Which of the following is the official dessert of Maryland?

Multiple layers of cake are incorporated into a Smith Island cake, with the average being between 8 and 10 layers. A baking agent, vanilla extract and evaporated milk may also be used to make this cake.

Which of these desserts is best served with a cup of coffee?

While a coffee cake may not always have coffee in it, it is best served with coffee on the side. Aside from sugar, butter and flour, this recipe calls for milk and vanilla extract.

This dessert has lots of pineapples and bananas in it. Can you name it?

A hummingbird cake has lots of pineapples and bananas in it for a sweet, tropical flavor. It may also incorporate cream cheese and cinnamon as well.

Which of these desserts has powdered sugar on top?

A gooey butter cake has that name for a reason: because it uses a lot of butter. It's also topped with powdered sugar for an extra sweet bite.

Which of these desserts has coconut-pecan frosting on top?

A German chocolate cake is popular for its sweet coconut-pecan frosting on top. This is also offset by the rich and moist chocolate cake.

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