Buy Some Clothes And We'll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Should Go Shopping With!

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Shopping by yourself can be a nightmare. Between asking strangers for their opinions and second-guessing your choices, building your wardrobe is a surprisingly exhausting process. To ease this pain, you need to find the perfect shopping buddy! However, shopping with just anybody is not going to help. Many of your loved ones don't feel the need to stick around or don't have the stylish eye for your fashion tastes.  While your favorite men often have the patience for your fitting room woes, their wardrobe eye is fairly blind. 

To find your perfect shopping buddy, you should rely on the princesses you have grown up admiring! From Princess Merida to Princess Jasmine, Disney has always caught our eye with their fashionable royalty. Their gorgeous ballgowns are half as perfect as their simple yet elegant day wear. Plus, the charming and potent personalities of your favorite Disney Princesses make them the best friend a gal could ask for in this fashion hour of need. There is no better way to spend a shopping spree than with your favorite leading lady. 

We all dream of looking like a princess, but most of us need some help in achieving the impressive wardrobe of Disney's royalty. This quiz is designed to inspire the wardrobe of your dreams!

Instead of just dreaming of looking like a princess, find out which princess you should be your shopping buddy! 

Which camisole are you looking for?

Which band tee would you rather have?

What do you buy to wear to the formal wedding you were invited to?

What do you look for when buying clothing?

Which hair accessory would you fall in love with?

What kind of jeans are you looking for?

Which fit of chinos would you rather buy?

Which flowing blouse would you rather purchase?

Which bralette would give your outfit the perfect little detail?

Which dress sounds like a sublime wardrobe addition?

Which sweater strikes your fancy?

What do you pick up for your Dad's upcoming birthday?

Which belt pulls your outfit together?

Which piece of jewelry do you impulse buy at the counter?

What do you crave from the food court?

Which work flat would you invest in?

What pair of boots were made for you to walk in?

Which hat calls your name?

What kind of socks do you stock up on?

Which accessory sale can you not pass up?

Which kind of purse can you not resist buying?

Which jacket would be the best finishing touch?

Which panties do you pick up?

What kind of t-shirt do you stock up on?

Where do you go for your shopping spree snack?

Which pair of sandals will go so well with the dress you picked up?

Which skirt can you not resist upgrading your wardrobe with?

Peeking at the jewelry store, which gemstone catches your eye?

What kind of vest would you layer with?

What loungewear tempts you to treat yourself?

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