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One of the first rules of saving money on groceries is to buy big. But should you do all your shopping at a warehouse club, or would you better off buying some things at the supermarket? Take our bulk-buying quiz to find out.

What was the name of the first warehouse club?

Price Club -- founded in 1976 by Sol Price and his son, Robert -- was the first warehouse club.


True or false: Supermarkets often have better prices than warehouse clubs.

If you play close attention to sales, coupons and weekly ads, you can often find better deals at supermarkets -- and you won't have to buy in bulk.


What's one item that's usually cheaper at a supermarket than at a warehouse club?

Manufacturers discount sodas so frequently that supermarkets are almost always running major sales on it, and the prices are generally better than at warehouse clubs.


Should you buy something that's a great deal if you're not sure you can store it?

The first rule of bulk buying is don't buy it if you can't store it.


Which of these fruits is NOT a good candidate for buying in bulk?

You'd be much better off buying berries and bananas in bulk because you can freeze them and use them in smoothies, oatmeal and stirred into muffin and pancake batters. Pears don't fare as well in the freezer.


True or false: Rice has a shelf life of about 10 years.

It's even longer than that: If properly stored, rice can last for up to 30 years.


How long will dried pasta keep in your pantry?

No rush to use up that box of macaroni; it'll keep for two, maybe three years.


Will whole wheat pasta keep as long as traditional pasta?

Whole wheat pasta has a slightly shorter shelf life than the standard variety -- but it'll last for many months in an airtight container.


Which of these items is usually NOT a good deal at a warehouse club?

For whatever reason, it's usually a better idea to buy toilet paper at the supermarket than at a warehouse club.


When is National Bulk Foods Week?

Bet you had no idea there was a National Bulk Foods Week, but it's in October.


If you store nuts in the freezer, about how long will they stay fresh?

Shelled nuts last about a year in the pantry, but they'll hang on for another year longer if you freeze them.


Which one of these spirits would be the best choice for a bulk buy?

Most distilled spirits -- including Jim Beam bourbon -- have an indefinite shelf life (as long as they're stored correctly), but cream-based and very sugary liqueurs like Bailey's and Grand Mariner don't hold up as well.


How much money can you expect to save when buying food in bulk?

According to the Bulk Is Green Council, buying in bulk saves shoppers anywhere from 30 percent to 60 percent on food prices.


True or false: The meat at warehouse clubs is cheaper than at grocery stores, but the quality isn't as good.

Not only is warehouse-club meat cheaper, it's quality is comparable to supermarkets.


Are grains like oatmeal and quinoa good candidates for bulk-buying?

If they're stored in airtight containers, soft grains can stay fresh for many years.


About how much cheaper is alcohol at a warehouse club, compared to a liquor store?

According to, you can expect to save about 35 percent on alcohol, and even more on expensive bottles of wine.


True or false: Many studies have found that Sam's Clubs have the best prices among warehouse clubs.

Because prices and inventory change so frequently, there's no clear winner.


Which pet food is the better value for buying in bulk?

It doesn't matter what kind of pet food you're buying. If you can store it correctly, buying pet food in large quantities is a good economical choice.


Is it worth the annual fee to join a warehouse club?

It might not be worth it if you'll only shop at the warehouse club a few times a year. But if you have a large family or are shopping for expensive electronics like a computer or HDTV, you could make your money back in no time.


Which of the following is NOT available at warehouse clubs?

Warehouse clubs' products don't end at food and household goods. You can find everything mentioned above, as well as clothing, electronics, recreational equipment, furniture and more.


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