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Cabin décor reflects the different design styles of early American settlers and others. Take this quiz to see how much you know about cabin décor and style.

Which design style goes well in a log cabin?

Log cabins are very versatile and lend themselves to many design styles including Arts&Crafts, Southwestern, Cottage and Early American.


What traditionally supports the roof of a log cabin?

The wooden logs and rafters that support the roof of a log cabin give you a feeling of sanctuary within the branches of a tree.


What was the main building material of people living in the forested areas of Europe for many centuries?

Home builders living in forested areas of Europe used wood shaped into logs to build structurally sound cabins.


What type of homes did early American colonists introduce to the New World?

Early American colonists from England brought with them the skills to build homes constructed of wooden frames with plaster walls. Americans have been building their homes much the same way ever since.


Which of the following are examples of early American style homes?

The symmetrical Colonial and the classic Cape Cod are simple home designs that have endured.


Which colonial American area south of New England was known for homes constructed of squared logs?

In colonial Appalachia, settlers constructed simply shaped homes of squared logs with wooden furnishings and open stone hearths.


Early Shaker craftsmen were known for their skill in ______:

Shaker craftsmen were renowned for their fine wooden cabinets that were functional and beautiful in their simplicity.


Victorian style homes are known for their opulence. What features of this style did Americans adopt in the late 19th century?

Americans became enamored of the Victorian style of design in the late 1800s. Velvet upholstered chairs and sofas, heavy draperies and chandeliers were introduced into parlors and bedrooms.


The Arts&Crafts movement advocated the learning of a craft through the guild system. Which of the following might be the work of such an artisan?

Artisans of the Arts&Crafts movement made hand-crafted rugs, homemade linens and fine wood furniture.


Wealthy 19th century American industrialists built country lodges on a grand scale that combined nature and comfort. These lodges were known as ________.

In the Great Camps, woven baskets coexisted with huge stone fireplaces and indoor plumbing to create a comfortably rugged style that still influences log cabin décor.


Cowboy High Style introduced a whimsical element to rustic cabin design. Which element would you find in a room designed in this style?

Cowboy High Style sometimes carries the cowboys and Indians motif a bit too far, but wagon wheel light fixtures and bow and arrow wall hangings fit into any log cabin.


Circa 1900, what type of stove would heat your log cabin in the winter?

In the early 1900s, you could expect to heat your cabin and cook your meals on a wood- burning cook stove.


Adirondack chairs are a classic from the rugged Great Camps lodge era. Name another.

In the Adirondack mountains of New York State, mounted animal trophies and twig furnishings epitomized the rustic design style of the Great Camps.


Furniture and accessories in a rustic style draw attention to the beauty of _________.

Craftspeople use twigs, bark, reeds, roots, and branches to create designs that are rustic, functional and focused on nature.


A cabinet with carved Indian heads is an example of which design style?

Native American cabinets, which incorporate natural materials and Indian motifs, will add an authentic touch to your Western style cabin.


Geometric patterns are typical of Arts&Crafts style. Which of the following design elements are characteristic of this style?

Logs, light fixtures, window panes and stair railings can echo the simple geometric patterns that are so common to the Arts & Crafts look.


Which material is most suited to the rugged Western look?

Oversize chairs of natural-toned leather fit right into a Western style cabin design.


Which Western style furnishings often incorporate metal or iron in their design?

From lamps to beds to chandeliers, metal and wrought iron lend their own rustic feel to Western furnishings and accessories.


Which type of fireplace is often the focal point of a rustic log cabin?

A massive stone fireplace is a classic log cabin feature.


In early American homes, braided rugs were often made from:

Early Americans created colorful rugs from old clothes and blankets that they tore into strips and braided.


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