Quiz: The Ultimate Camera-Phone Scanning and Faxing Quiz
The Ultimate Camera-Phone Scanning and Faxing Quiz
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Did you know that, in addition to allowing cell phone camera owners to snap some fantastic pictures, these cameras also enable you to fax files? There are services that offer to convert snapshots taken by a cell phone camera into faxes and send them to more than 200 countries. Take our quiz to see whether you are up to date on faxing from a cell phone.

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According to statistics, what percentage of American cell phones came with built-in digital cameras in 2007?
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Approximately how many camera-equipped cell phones are currently in use around the world?
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What is the highest photo resolution that cell phones cameras can achieve to date?
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How many different phones are there on the market that are 3G or better and have at least 2 megapixels of resolution?
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What else do you need for fax service besides the correct type of cell phone and a fax service?
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What are the two most popular U.S. scan and fax services for cellular phones?
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What is a typical size of a compressed PDF file after it is processed by fax software in preparation for transmission?
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