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Camping with kids can be a magical experience. They get to learn about nature and spend some time playing outdoors, but bringing the kiddos on a camping adventure can have its challenges, too. Think you're a pro at kiddie camping? Test your knowledge right here!

What's one precaution to take when camping with an infant?

Infants don't acclimate to high altitudes as quickly as grown-ups do, so if you're going to be up in the mountains, take a few days to get there, to avoid altitude sickness.


How can you prepare your child for a camping trip?

A big part of getting your kid ready for a camping trip is getting him excited, so read some fun books and have a back yard campout to give him a taste of the great outdoors before you head to an actual campsite.


True or False: If your child is still in diapers, you can still take her.

It's fine to take your baby camping with you! Just make sure you bring plenty of trash bags to dispose of diapers, and be prepared to bring them back to town with you, in case the campsite doesn't have trash bins.


How can you make sure your child doesn't get bored on a camping trip?

Kids don't like to be bossed around, and they want to feel like they're involved. Let your kiddo help, even if it's with a small part of the preparations!


S'mores are the quintessential camping food! What ingredients make a s'more?

While those all sound delicious, a s'more is a toasted marshmallow and a big piece of chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers.


What's the most important when choosing a sleeping bag for your child?

Kids get cold at night, so making sure the sleeping bag you choose will keep them cozy and warm is key.


True or False: If your child isn't afraid of the dark, there's no need to bring a solar night light on your camping trip.

Even if your kid isn't usually scared of the dark, sleeping in a tent is a whole different experience. There are all kinds of noises in the woods at night that might frighten your child, even if he's usually brave about the dark.


When you head out from the campsite for a hike, which of these will you be glad you packed?

Kids are always hungry, and they're going to have even bigger appetites when they're exerting themselves on the trail. Bring some snacks, like crackers or dry cereal, to give them when they're hungry on a side hike.


True or False: You should bring a couple of your kid's toys on a camping trip.

One or two treasured toys will help your kid feel more comfortable in this new environment.


What is co-sleeping?

One way to make sure your child is warm enough and that he feels safe in the tent is to zip two sleeping bags together and let him sleep inside with you.


How young is too young to take a baby camping?

Even tiny infants can come on a camping trip, and in some ways it's easier than toting an older child. Just remember to take things slow and easy, and avoid climates with extreme heat and cold.


What's the best way to get your child to use the bathroom in the woods?

The secret to camping with kids is to make it all fun! If he's hesitant about pooping in the woods, play up the adventure side of things.


True or False: If your kid isn't quite walking yet, a hike is a bad idea.

Even if he can't walk the whole time, a hike is a great way for your kiddo to experience nature. Just make sure you bring along a comfortable child carrier – a baby backpack or a sling – so you can carry him when his little legs get tired.


How can you make sure your child gets a good night's sleep on a camping trip?

Your kid will sleep better if he's had a busy day of activity, and an air mattress makes bedtime at the campground comfier than just a sleeping bag on the ground.


Which of these is a good camping game for kids?

Any time your kiddo is out of his element, there is a potential for him getting lost. Stick to games like "I spy" where you can keep your kid in your line of sight at all times. And don’t waste your outdoor time on Internet games!


What's the best way to make a child who is afraid of the dark feel comfortable?

Co-sleeping sends the message to your frightened child that you're there to protect him, and a night light can help take the edge off of his fears by letting him see what's going on around him.


How can a back yard campout help you prepare for your kid's first camping trip?

Think of a back yard campout as a trial run, and keep track of items you wish you'd had or ended up running into the house to retrieve.


What can help make you less nervous about your child getting lost in the woods?

Telling your child not to wander off is important, but a walkie talkie can give you real peace of mind. If your child does get lost somehow, she can radio you for help!


What do you do if your child is not jazzed about going camping?

If your kid isn't excited about camping, involving him in preparations can make him feel more invested in the trip. When you're picking out and packing gear, let him see how excited you are about this campout!


How can you help your child have a pleasant time on a hike?

Kids get extra hungry when they're hiking, so having some great, familiar snacks handy will not only satisfy his appetite but also make him feel more comfortable on the trail.


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