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Going camping is a great way to get in touch with nature, but before you charge out into the mountains you should know how to properly set up camp. Think you know everything about preparing a campsite? Take our quiz to see if you're ready to go pitch a tent.

Where should you store your food to prevent black bears from getting it?

Black bears are highly intelligent and they are skilled tree climbers. Therefore, the best place to keep food is in a bear-proof canister or locker located a safe distance from your tent.


Where is the best place to build a fire?

Campfires can cause severe, long-term impacts on the land, so whenever possible, it's best to start a fire in an existing or designated fire pit or ring.


What is the best way to deal with trash when camping?

Leave no trace principles state that outdoor enthusiasts should pack out all trash.


Your campsite should be at least how many feet away from the nearest trail or water source?

In order to limit the possibility of contamination, it's a good idea to set up camp at least 200 feet from nearby lakes and streams.


What is the best place to set up camp in a thunderstorm?

In the event of a thunderstorm, it's best not to be the tallest thing around, and it's also smart not to set up camp next to the tallest thing around. Therefore, the ideal place to camp is in the woods, but not too close to very tall trees.


If you can't use an existing campsite, where's the ideal surface to set up your tent?

Although thick grass or moss might look more comfortable, if there are no designated campsites nearby, the best place to set up a tent is on the most durable surface in order to minimize your impact on native plants.


How large of a radius should you clear of flammable debris before lighting a campfire?

Because sparks can fly, especially during windy conditions, the U.S. Forest Service recommends clearing a 10-foot radius of any flammable debris before lighting a fire.


To avoid flooding, pitch your tent on a surface that has what?

In case of rain, the best place to set up camp is on a surface with a slight slope -- but not too steep, otherwise it will be difficult to sleep without sliding downhill.


What is the name for a small, one-person tent?

If you are camping alone, especially in a backcountry setting, the lightest and most efficient type of shelter is often a bivouac sack, or "bivy sack."


What should you do before you set up your tent?

Clearing any big rocks, branches or twigs before you set up your tent will make the ground more comfortable to lie on.


What non-food items might smell like food to a bear?

Bears have an extremely acute sense of smell, and they will be attracted to any scented items, including (but not limited to) toothpaste, deodorant, bug spray, lotion and lip balm.


True or false: A rain fly is a waterproof tarp that fits to the outside of your tent.

Even if rain isn't in the forecast, it's a good idea to set up the rain fly, because it will also keep your tent dry from dew.


How do you prevent perishable food from spoiling?

If you plan to bring perishable food, bring a cooler with enough ice to keep it from spoiling. The easier option is to bring non-perishable foods.


True or false: All campsites and public lands allow open fires.

Due to forest fire risks, not all allow open fires, and those that do often have fire regulations, so check with the local authorities to find out what the fire rules are.


Which poses the highest fire risk?

Because of their high forest fire risks, open fires aren't even permitted in all campsites.


Which bear is the better climber?

Black bears are smaller than adult grizzlies, but much better climbers. So in many parks where black bears are active, like Yosemite National Park, hanging food is illegal and bear-proof food containers are required by law.


What is the definition of “leave no trace?”

Leaving no trace principles state that outdoor enthusiasts should pack out all trash, leftover food and litter, including toilet paper and hygiene products.


What is the beginning of a hiking trail called?

You can usually find restrooms, maps and informational brochures at the trailhead.


True or false: Non-perishable foods are ideal to take on a camping trip because they won't attract bears or other animals.

Non-perishable foods are easier to prevent from spoiling than other foods -- and easy to prepare. But animals can still be enticed by the scents of things like dry oatmeal, pasta and rice.


What is the name of the character bear that teaches wildfire prevention?

Smokey Bear is part of the longest running Public Service Announcement campaign in U.S. history where he preaches "Only YOU can prevent wildfires."


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