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Air Krete is bubble-rich cement, blown into your walls as insulation. It's more eco-friendly than other options, and it's long-lasting and durable. But can it actually help keep your home safe? Take this quiz to find out!

Air Krete's flame-retardant properties are most similar to which of the following?

Independent tests show that Air Krete is as flame resistant as asbestos-cement board, which is the industry standard material for firewalls.


Which among the following has NOT used Air Krete to insulate a high-profile structure?

The deceased King of Pop did many unique things in his life, but never did they -- to anyone's knowledge -- include Air Krete.


The magnesium oxide (MgO) that forms the base of Air Krete is derived from which of the following?

The fact that it's derived from seawater, along with its durability, lack of toxicity and high insulating value, makes Air Krete a green choice for insulation.


When it's first sprayed in place, Air Krete's consistency is most similar to which of the following?

As it's first applied, Air Krete froths into a foam with very much the same consistency as shaving cream. Later, it hardens to a pumice-like consistency.


Due to expected shrinking while drying, about how many applications of Air Krete should one expect the insulation process to take?

This is actually a trick question -- Air Krete neither shrinks nor expands while drying, so only one application is required.


Which of the following is a major installation difference between Air Krete and most sprayed-in-place insulations?

The fact that Air Krete can be sprayed through external as well as internal walls allows less disturbance of finished inside spaces.


The toxicity of Air Krete is most similar to which of the following?

Neither the components of Air Krete nor its finished form are toxic or hazardous in any way, unlike fiberglass microfibers or asbestos.


Which of the following is a chemical product created during the industrial process of producing Air Krete?

The chemical formula of milk of magnesia is Mg(OH)2, from which magnesium oxide -- MgO -- is created for use in Air Krete.


The cost of Air Krete, installed, is similar to which of the following insulations?

While slightly more expensive than rolls of fiberglass batting, Air Krete is cost competitive with other sprayed-in-place insulations, including polyurethane foam.


About how many years after Air Krete installation should you expect to need to install another application?

Like your house's foundation, Air Krete is likely to outlast the walls in which it's installed.


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