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While it's one thing to grant yourself the Word Nerd Academy graduation cap, it's quite another to put yourself to the test and come out on top. If you can score an 80% or higher on this vocabulary test, you can share your results and let the whole world know just how much of a whiz you are. Or you can humbly accept your victory as a private feather in your cap. The choice is up to you. 

Undoubtedly, you have a love for words. Why else would you volunteer to put yourself through a vocabulary test? Unless you are gearing up for a heated game of Scrabble, we're guessing that you love words as much as we do. After taking our test, you will find out exactly how much you remember and how much you have to learn. 

As we go through this quiz, we will ask you to choose words based upon their meanings, how they fit in a sentence and the ones with the correct spellings. If you can score an 80% or higher, you are our new word hero! Will you do as well as you think you will? Challenge yourself and find out precisely how good you are with words!

Fill in the blank: I will not ______ defeat.

While you may rule out a few answers by exception, you'll have to accept that only one of them is right. Only sore losers cannot accept defeat.


If someone is showing disregard, which adjective describes them?

If someone is showing disregard for the task at hand, they are behaving in a wanton manner. Please don't confuse it with the soup - Wonton.


Which word describes someone with a good memory?

People who are able to remember a lot of information have retentive minds. Those who are flighty tend not to remember as much information as someone with a retentive memory.


Which word also means "riled up?"

Sometimes, we can't help but have our buttons pushed and our hackles getting rankled. However, anything is better than being apathetic and unmoved.


Finish this sentence: Billy is often described as being hard to work with or __________.

Those who are hard to work with or unpleasant to be around are said to be churlish. Churlish means that someone is impolite or lacking social graces.


What does upbraid mean?

The next time you argue with your partner, you can say that you are upbraiding them instead of criticizing or scolding them. It might go over better.


Which word also means arrogant?

When someone practices being arrogant, they are behaving in a haughty manner. Being haughty also means being overly proud.


Which word means to smile insincerely?

If someone gives you a compliment and you simper back at them, they might not think you took it to heart. Simpering means to smile without sincerity.


Finish this sentence: Some notes are harmonious, and others are ______.

If thing are not harmoniously flowing together they are discordant. Being discordant is not limited to music. It can also describe many situations where things conflict.


Which word is a synonym for remove?

When a leader is removed from power, they are being ousted. To oust something means to remove from a position of power or importance.


Which word does not mean lucid?

When you are practicing lucid thinking, your thoughts are clear and unclouded. You are able to see things with crystal-clear precision.


Which word is the antonym of lounge?

The word lounge can be thought of in two ways. It can either mean to relax and take it easy, or it can mean a place of drinking.


Fill in the blank: Joe got the job because he was ________.

Joe did not get the job because he was unskilled or inept. Joe got the job because he was the most qualified applicant.


Which word also means discount?

When something is discounted, it is lowered in value. Discounted prices are not inflated or increased.


Fill in the blank: The teacher got answers by ________ responses.

Teachers usually get answers from their students by soliciting responses. Soliciting means to ask or beg for something in hopes of getting a response.


Which word means someone is going along with an unethical activity?

If you are going along with something you know isn't right, you are being complicit. By concealing the truth, you are scheming along with the wrongdoer.


Which word is the opposite of deep?

If you are not diving into the deep end of the pool, you are sticking to the shallow side. Additionally, deep can mean a number of thing included being rooted in one's beliefs.


Which word means to obtain?

If you were to obtain a bunch of money, you will have acquired it. We don't want to know how you acquired it, but we're sure that you didn't forfeit it or disperse it to your friends.


If someone has great enthusiasm, what else do they have?

If you approach a task with gusto, you are approaching it with great enthusiasm. You put aside your apathy or your reluctance, and you tackle the job at hand.


What would you call someone who is always borrowing or asking for things?

If someone is always begging or asking for things, they are a mendicant. Other terms for a mendicant include: beggar, bum and next-door-neighbor.


Finish this sentence: Mary always has a sunny _______.

If Mary has a sunny disposition, her usual mood is pleasant and light. If her disposition were any other thing, Mary wouldn't be much fun to be around.


Which word means to completely destroy something?

When you completely destroy something and its roots or foundation, you have eradicated it. Many deadly diseases have been eradicated by scientists throughout the years.


What is the front of a building called?

The entire front of a building is called a facade. Although most buildings have doors and foyers, the facade refers to the complete front side of a building.


What does aplomb mean?

If you handle things with aplomb, you are keeping your calm under pressure. You are not losing your cool or allowing the situation to rile you.


What does banish mean?

If something has been banished, it has been sent away and barred from an area as a means of punishment. For instance, Socks the dog has been banished from the bathroom for eating toilet paper.


Which word is the opposite of cunning?

While cunning individuals may try to make sly and underhanded moves, forthright folks will simply come out and say it. If someone is cunning, they are scheming for their own gain.


Which word also means dismal?

Although the weather may be bleak and dismal, it will change as soon as spring comes. Then, things will feel sunny and positive again.


What does furtive mean?

If you are having furtive conversations with others, you are being sly and sordid. You are not allowing your words to inform others. You are keeping them to yourself and your small group.


What does it mean when you help something to speed it up?

When you facilitate something in order to speed it up, you are hastening the process. For instance, turning the burner up will hasten your water to boil.


Which word means a small hill?

A small grassy hill is called a knoll. The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles sits atop a knoll overlooking the city.


What is another word for recluse?

When someone is a hermit, they are often called reclusive. Many people prefer to live lives that are not surrounded by a lot of people.


Which word means gloomy?

When the weather is gloomy outside, it casts a somber mood. Somber refers to the gloominess in character of days, people and occasions.


Which word means zeal?

Having zeal means you are eager to get started on an adventure, challenge or task. Offering zeal to any situation can make it lighter.


Which word is the opposite of falter?

When something falters, it has a momentary pause or stumble. When something advances without a scene or a problem, it does not falter.


Which word does not mean replenish?

If you are replenishing your fluids, you have already drained them. Replenishing is the act of refilling or restocking. Once you've replenished yourself, you'll feel rejuvenated.


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