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For the most part, anything that fossil fuel can do, biofuel can do, too. But because biofuels are relatively scarce, some applications are more reasonable than others. See if you know what biofuel is capable of!

Can biofuel fly a fighter jet?

The U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force ran successful test flights of fighter jets in 2009 and 2010.


Can biofuel run a ski boat?

Because ethanol absorbs water easily, engines designed to run on petroleum can become easily damaged if they're not modified. The problem is so pronounced that Australian maritime authorities have recommended not using the fuels in situations where engine failures could pose safety hazards.


Can you cook with biofuel?

Because wood, by definition, is a biofuel, you can use a woodstove to cook up a hearty meal.


Can biofuels help you grow food year round?

Many use biofuels indirectly to grow food indoors by running grow lights off a biofuel-powered generator.


Can you use biofuel to help run a power grid?

Even though these ideas seem contradictory, you can, in fact, use biofuels to feed your power grid. Major power companies in the West are more than a decade into drawing power from solar fields to feed the demand for electricity.


Can you use biofuel to pull an elevator?

While technically you may be able to, this falls into the category of something you probably wouldn't choose to do. After you've built a generator, refined your fuel and rigged your circuits to burn as little fuel as possible, whether you'd want to risk your life on an application that requires so much power is questionable .


Can you power a gaming console with biofuels?

After the power grids fail, you can still use your Wii Fit for as long as you like. Some of the most popular projects for people who live on generators involve reducing the power draw from computers and gaming consoles.


Can biofuels help clean the air?

While many biofuels burn cleaner than fossil fuels, the process of refining them into usable power creates a whole new source of air pollution. So in the end, it's a wash. The research and debate on the topic will continue until cleaner refining methods are developed.


Can biofuels reduce the cost of fuel overall?

Energy analysts say this won't happen any time soon. The key, to those focused on the big picture, is to create a source of fuel to fall back on should imports of petroleum be disrupted.


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