Can We Guess the Natural Disaster That Best Matches Your Life?

By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Mike Lyvers/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Life is a natural disaster! You move through the environment of your life but the ground shakes, fire falls from the sky, the rivers burst their banks, the animals run amok and the world cracks open just when it shouldn't. Does this feel like your life to you? It does to us!

Have you ever seen The Tempest? Since before Shakespeare's time, people have written about their lives in terms of metaphors, often using natural disasters as a model. Natural disasters seem to have personalities all their own, with each one wreaking havoc in a specific way, often leaving some things completely untouched while raining ultimate destruction on other things. It can feel like a natural disaster is a person with petty motives, not a random force of nature. While scientific explanations can be made for why natural disasters follow certain patterns, it does little to explain the disaster that is life.

Are you having trouble putting a finger on why your life is the way it is? Does it seem like things are spinning out of control, or going up in flames? Good news! We have a system for figuring out what natural disaster represents your life, and all you have to do is take this quiz!

How do most of your romances end?

How many times have you been fired?

What's your relationship with your faith like?

How often do you feel your fate is up to luck?

How long was your longest relationship?

In the past year, how many relationships have you been in?

How many jobs have you had before you were 21?

How many distinct career paths have you been on?

How many times have you been stranded somewhere?

How many times have you had to go under the knife for medical reasons?

How many times has a nasty rumor about you spread like wildfire?

How often does your boss randomly lash out at his or her employees?

How often does your industry experience strikes?

How much do you rely on others to provide work for you?

How long was your longest stretch of unwanted singledom?

How long was your longest stint of unemployment?

Have you ever had a new practice enter your industry and if you didn't adapt, you'd lose your job?

In your business, how often does bad news have to come before good news does?

When bad news strikes in your personal life, how long does it linger?

When bad news is coming, what kind of warning do you usually get?

Are you and your friends in more or less the same boat?

Is there any way you can prepare for the problems life throws at you?

When you get hit by life, do you also get scolded for it by other people who blame you?

Do you tend to experience bad news in cycles?

When negative things happen, does it prompt you to take refuge in religion?

Have you had to adjust your lifestyle in preparation for inevitable disasters?

How many pets have you had die on you before their time?

How long can you keep a plant alive before it dies?

How personally do you take it when bad things happen in your industry?

Are you currently bracing for disaster?

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