Can We Guess What Field of Science Best Matches Your Personality?

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Some people really seem to have a head for science. Whether it's chemistry or biology, it just really clicks for with some people and then maybe they go on to revolutionize the way we think about the universe.  The rest of us just have to sit back and enjoy the ride, maybe keep up as best as we can. Have you ever wondered, though, which field of science seems to mesh best with you?  Do you find yourself looking up at the stars a lot?  Or puzzling over the forces of attraction? Do you want to get deep into the Earth and figure out why it works the way it works? if you have an inquisitive mind, science is there to give you the answers, just as long as you know how to ask the questions.

In the spirit of being inquisitive and scientific, we're going to ask you some questions about yourself.  Answer as honestly as you can, and when it's all said and done, we'll go over your answers with our own proven scientific method and tell you precisely which branch of science matches up with your personality.  Is it as simple as it sounds?  Of course not, science never is.  But leave the hard part to us, you just go take the quiz!

At what time of day do you feel most energized and able to get things done?

You just won an all-expense-paid trip to an island you've never even heard of. How do you react?

You're going out for dinner with friends. Where do you want to go?

What would you say is your favorite genre of movie?

When the holidays roll around, are you any good at buying gifts for people?

Who was the greatest scientific mind of all time?

What would be your ideal vacation getaway, if you could go anywhere in the world?

What is your absolute favorite kind of dessert?

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

How would you most like to spend a Friday night?

How often do you find the time to read a book?

Which of these would you say is your favorite kind of music?

What are the dominant colors in your wardrobe?

If you were going to hit up the state fair, what would you do first?

If you're out at a party, what are you most likely to be doing?

What kind of social gathering do you dread the most?

What is your dream car?

If you were building your own home, what's one feature it would have to have?

How often do you go out to experience some kind of live entertainment?

If you were going to play some kind of sport, what would it be?

How clean would you say you keep your home?

How are you when it comes to learning new languages?

When it comes to staying healthy, do you eat right?

Which of the four elements do you feel an affinity with?

We all get stressed out sometimes. How do you chill out and relax?

If someone's serving up cocktails, what are you most likely to have?

What kind of office perks would attract you to a new job?

If you're building your own home, what kind of land would be most appealing to you?

Have you ever tried something like eHarmony or Tinder to find a date?

Why do you do the work that you do?

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