Can We Guess Your Current Relationship Status by Your Taste in Men?

Zoe Samuel

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When we are kids, we are often taught certain very silly ideas. Perhaps one of the silliest and most harmful ones is that there is one perfect guy or gal out there who is absolutely meant for you and that until you find them, you will never be complete. Once you do find them, you will never again argue and all of your days will be filled with snuggles.

The truth is closer to the saying "different strokes for different folks." What one person might find to be an ideal partner, another might find to be the most horrific bore. A homebody is hardly going to make the best spouse for a raging extrovert; an adrenaline junkie is unlikely to make a nervous wreck very happy; and nor should a deeply religious person and an atheist assume there won't be some friction.

However, some qualities are simply baseline: the ability to tell the truth; to compromise; to show integrity; to own one's flaws without using them as an excuse. These and others are required for anyone to make a healthy relationship work, that will truly help both partners fulfill their potential and achieve happiness. That means you can tell a certain amount about someone's likely relationship status by their priorities in these categories - and a little by how they view the previous group, too. Let's get started!

How important is a sense of humor?

Should he always make the first move?

What is the acceptable minimum height for a guy?

How handsome does he have to be?

Does he have to like children?

What sport does he play for fun more than exercise?

What famous person can he not stand?

What industry does he work in?

What hobby does he do?

How often does he learn a new skill?

Does he get hung up on traditionally "manly" roles?

What interpersonal skill does he have?

What's his signature dish?

What's his earning potential?

What quality of yours does he appreciate most?

What does he like best about himself?

What's his relationship with his mother like?

Does he have any female friends?

If you ever see him cry, what is the reason?

What does he do to stay in shape?

Does he insist on paying on a first date?

What pet does he keep?

What charity does he give to?

What nasty thing can he simply not tolerate?

How important is voting to him?

What's his attitude as a driver?

How would he help someone who is being bullied?

What does he tip in restaurants?

Was he in a frat?

What is his party trick?

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