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Life would be boring without challenges, and we're certain that this antonym quiz will force you to climb the wordy equivalent of Mt. Everest. Whether you are a true word nerd or you just want to see where you stand, challenging your brain with this quiz will let you know where you stand on the scale of wordiness. Carefully choose the antonyms to the words we give you, and you'll end up with the bragging rights you deserve. 

You may have never considered the importance of antonyms in our language, but imagine how boring food would sound if it could only be described as good or bad. A properly placed synonym or antonym can spice up any sentence or situation. As we go through this quiz, we want you to focus on the word that means the opposite of the word we ask you about. 

When you read our question, think long and hard about the options we give you. In order to prove your vocabulary prowess, carefully choose the word that is the antonym of the word in the question. Once you've finished, we'll let you know how you did. It's up to you to show your friends. Are you ready?

You have the advantage! Or do you? What word does not mean advantage?

When you have an advantage, you have the edge and the odd are in your favor. If you are at a disadvantage, you might be facing some sort of obstruction.


No one likes cruel people! What is preferred instead?

Acts of cruelty are far from compassionate. While being cruel is cold-blooded, being compassionate makes you a warm and caring human being.


Most of the time you are pleasant. What are you the rest of the time?

If you find that a meal is disagreeable to your stomach, the chances are high that you do not find the experience pleasant. Pleasant meals are the type we praise for being lovely.


If you are not pompous, what are you?

Everyone knows someone who is so pompous it is hard to be around them. It's much more pleasant to be in the company of humble people.


Some people love flashy cars! What do others prefer?

Who wants to drive a nondescript car when you can drive something snazzy? Although flashy cars are not for everyone, everyone has something they like to show off in garish style.


Ambition gets you everywhere. Which word gets you nowhere?

If you are feeling any sort of apathy toward a task, your ambition has left the building. When you are ambitious, you are full of passion, drive and aspiration.


The holidays make a lot of people happy. Which word describes those who say "bah humbug?"

Although we cannot be happy all the time, it's important not to feel miserable. There's always something to be joyful or gleeful about.


Having class is in right now! What's the opposite of class?

If you are lacking class, you are considered unstylish. Try to remain dignified in all your interactions, and you'll be seen as the chicest kid on the block.


Few diamonds have flaws. What do they possess instead?

If there are no bugs or defects in the system, things run without a flaw. Some might describe it as perfection, but we call it blemish-free.


Growth is a good thing! It means that there's a lot of what taking place?

When a company is experience a growth period, it is often full of expansion. If it is expanding, it is not decreasing, declining or experiencing loss.


There are many links in a chain. What is the opposite of link?

A chain is formed from many links, but a line is different from a set of joints or ties. A line is a whole, link is a chain of associations.


We dream of living on a remote island. Which word does not mean remote?

We often daydream about life on a remote island, but they are not close enough easily access. They are too distant, far away or isolated to reach.


You should be cautious when driving. What should you not be?

It's only natural to be wary and cautious of new situations. Very few people can carelessly approach something new without fear or discretion.


Getting enough sleep can give you a real boost. What is the opposite of boost?

When you want to boost someone's ego to give them a lift, try not to lessen their accomplishments. Fostering their achievements will win you more friends.


You are important! What are you not?

While candy bars are not necessarily important, they are not insignificant. In fact, some of us consider them to be a crucial and important part of our snacking routines.


Bricks are heavy. What is the opposite of heavy?

Massively hefty objects carry a lot of heavy weight. Feathers are slight in comparison.


We get listless at the end of our work day. What is the antonym of listless?

If you are feeling listless, try to get a little more animated. Being passive and lukewarm will not get the job done.


Text is an effective form of communication. What does not mean effective?

When your team is seeing effective results, you are surrounded by competent peers. When things are going awry, you might want to look for the inadequate link.


Going on vacation is exciting! Which word does not mean exciting?

If you see a play and you find yourself feeling unmoved, you might find a movie more appealing. While some people find the theatre exciting, others find movies more stimulating.


Injustice can make you livid. What is the opposite of livid?

While the seasons finale of your favorite show might leave you feeling gloomy and livid, next year's premier will leave you feeling quite cheerful. Try not to be angry until you find out what happens to your favorite characters.


There's no better feeling than a complete project. Which word does not mean complete?

You might be able to deal with leaving unfinished work on your desk, but your boss might appreciate something a little more complete. Make sure to turn in your entire project before you log out for the weekend.


You are a true original! That's a fact. What are you not?

It might cost a fortune to purchase an original Picasso, but you can purchase many derivative paintings at much lower prices. It would be nice to own the first copy, though.


Everyone's ideas deserve a little attention. Which word is not an antonym of attention?

When you are giving children your full attention, you are taking their words into consideration. Children thrive on being regarded and appreciated.


Halloween costumes are delightfully strange! How do they make our every day clothes look?

During October, people are more aware of strange and unusual things that go bump in the night. During every other month, they are quite commonplace.


You must adhere to the rules! Which word does not mean adhere?

Very few people can adhere or comply with all the rules of the road. Even the most cautious of drivers sometimes disobey the law.


Deep-fried Snickers bars are special! Which word does not describe them?

We all know those people who are so different that they are exceptionally special. They tend to stray from the conventional path.


We meditate to find clarity. How are thing when they are not clear?

If you can look through the murkiness, you will find clarity in any situation. Then, you'll see things with the bright precision you need to get the job done.


Let's close this account! What is the antonym of closed?

Leaving things unsettled leaves the door open. When matters have been closed, they have been sealed and locked away.


Many civilizations are ancient. We're not! Which word is the opposite of ancient?

There's nothing like finding a timeworn treasure at an antique store. Even those who love more modern things can find a treat amongst the ancient relics of our time.


Do you have a word addiction? We do! Which word does not mean addiction?

True word nerds consider language their addiction. Not many afflicted with the dependence on words have an aversion to learning.


Coffeeshops are hospitable places. Everyone is nice there. What is the opposite of hospitable?

It's always a good feeling to walk into a hospitable room. There's nothing like feeling welcome, and it is far superior to unsocial environments.


Let's rise to the challenge! Which word is not the antonym of rise?

When leaders rise to power, they ascend. They do not stagnate and decrease in popularity.


Protect your back, and lift with your knees! What is the antonym of endanger.

If you are protecting your future, you are cushioning and insulating your tomorrow. You wouldn't want to endanger your plans by not looking after them.


You have a lot of spirit! We love it. Which word does not describe you?

We are happy you are approaching this quiz with such spirit and enthusiasm. Your refusal to give into lethargy is very impressive!


It's only natural to hit a snag. Which word does not mean the same as snag?

When walking down the road of life, it's only natural to hit a few snags and hurdles. It's tricky to turn them into advantages, but you can do it.


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