Can We Accurately Guess Your Totem Animal From These Yes or No Questions?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Unlike spirit animals or kindred spirits, your totem animal is sitting higher in your psyche than the others. Your totem animal is more strongly related to your intuition and your perception than to your spirit. Once we get to know you through a series of yes or no questions, we think we'll be able to guess which creature is your totem animal. 

As we chirp and roar through this quiz, a simple yes or a straight-forward no will give us more information about your totem animal than you could ever imagine. Through years of experimentation, we have determined that matters of spirit and consciousness are better understood with direct and heartfelt responses than with lengthy explanations. When you read our question, quickly choose the answer that you feel guided to select.

Is your totem animal as large as a bear or as small as a ferret? Everything you tell us will help us figure it out. After we tally up your intuitively-led responses, we'll have a good idea about the totem animal that guides you through life. Then, we will take our best guess. Will we get it right, or do we need to do some psyche searching of our own? Let's find out!

Do you take a lot of naps?

Do you have more than one pet?

Are you afraid of mice?

Do you always follow your instincts?

Do you enjoy going hiking in the woods?

Would you like to swim with dolphins?

Are you a people person?

Are you good at fishing?

Are you fascinated by mythical creatures?

Have you ever climbed a tree?

Do you think owls the most intelligent of all animals?

Are you terrified of snakes?

Do spiders give you the creeps?

Do you enjoy going on picnics?

Are you an early bird?

Have you ever been called a sloth?

Do you ever stop to feed the birds?

Are you more savage than a wolverine?

Do you believe that mermaids were real?

Would you be a good farmer?

Are you a fast runner?

Do you know how to build a campfire?

Are you the outdoorsy type?

Have you ever had a pet hamster?

Are you afraid of large dogs?

Have you ever been horseback riding?

Could you survive on a vegan diet?

Do black cats scare you?

Did you ever have a pet goldfish?

Do you have a vicious side?

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