Can We Guess How Long You'll Keep Your New Year's Resolution in 2018?

By: Steven Miller

About This Quiz

Do you give up on your New Year's Resolutions before the ball drops, or do you actually make it to the gym? While there are folks that can keep a resolution all year around, we haven't met them, and one of you might just be the first! Regardless of how long you keep your promises to yourself for the new year, we would like to guess how long it will be! 

We're not allowed to make bets in our business, but we are sure that we can accurately guess how long you'll stick to your resolutions. We also don't pass judgment here, so please don't fear how you might be perceived. Rest assured, there is someone out there that will keep their resolutions an even shorter amount of time than you will. Tell us what you have planned for yourself and how you usually do things; then, we'll be able to take our best guess. 

Use all the willpower you posses to get to the end, but save a little for your resolutions. Who knows? We might inspire you to keep your resolutions longer than you thought you would! There's only one real way to find out!

How much are you dreading starting on your resolution?

What's the longest that you've ever made it on a resolution?

What's the shortest that you've ever made it on a resolution?

Are you giving up something or starting something new?

How many people have you told about your resolution?

How embarrassed would you be if you failed at your resolution?

How vital is it for your health that you follow through on your resolution?

What day do you consider to be the first day of taking action on your resolution?

Would you consider doing your resolution to be painful or enjoyable?

Do you plan to reward yourself for keeping to your resolution?

Which matches your plans for New Year's Eve most closely?

How much drinking is likely to be involved in your New Year's Eve plans?

Where do you plan to celebrate on New Year's Eve?

How many people are going to be part of your crew on New Year's Eve?

Which time zone will you be in at midnight on New Year's Eve?

Does your resolution involve food?

Does your resolution involve cutting back on drinking?

Does your resolution involve working out?

Does your resolution involve saving money?

Does your resolution involve spending more time with family and friends?

Does your resolution involve traveling more?

Does your resolution involve taking up a new hobby?

How influenced by what other people want you to do is your resolution?

Which is most closely connected to the benefit you will receive from sticking to your resolution?

Do you have an enthusiastic cheerleader supporting your resolution?

How optimistic are you for the upcoming year?

How would you rate the year gone by?

What time will you start your celebration on New Year's Eve?

What time will you most likely wrap up the party on New Year's?

Honestly, how long do you think you'll make it on your resolution?

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