Can We Guess How Long Your Morning Beauty Routine Takes?

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Everyone is unique, so it's not surprising that we all have very diverse morning routines. Some people prefer to roll out of bed and go with a few steps in between as possible, while other people view their morning beauty routines as a special time to pamper themselves and gear up for the day ahead. Most people fall somewhere in the middle. After all, even though it's definitely on trend right now, a 15-step skin-care routine is definitely not for everyone. Where do you fall? Are you more of high-maintenance beauty lover who approaches your beauty routine like a spa day, or do you want to be up and out the door in no time flat? 

Answer these questions and we'll try to guess whether your morning beauty routine takes only a few minutes or far longer. There's no shame in either; everyone needs different things to feel beautiful and ready to tackle their day, after all! Whether you would put on a sheet mask every morning if you could, or don't even know what that is, if your routine makes you feel your best, it's all good! So, put us to the test!  

Are you a morning person?

What do you think of the clean-eating trend?

What type of lip product do you prefer?

What type of face product do you wear most often?

Are you a false-lash fanatic?

How often do you work out?

How long do you spend doing your hair every morning?

Do you often curl or flat iron your hair?

When it comes to shoes, what heel height do you like to wear best?

How many nail polishes do you own?

Do you own different foundations or face products for different occasions?

What's your perfume collection like?

Do you wear foundation, lip or eyeshadow primers?

What do you think of the "no-makeup makeup" trend?

How many steps is your morning skin-care routine?

Do you think that double cleansing is necessary?

Are you a fan of eye creams?

Are you ever tempted to buy products just because of the packaging?

Do you follow any beauty gurus on YouTube or social media?

What do you prefer to use as a body moisturizer?

How does using acids as a part of skin care sound to you?

How often do you use face masks?

Have you ever gotten any kind of facial treatment, like a peel or dermaplaning?

What do you put in your hair after you shower?

What is the most intricate braid you know how to do on your own hair?

Do you keep hand cream with you?

How do you prefer to exfoliate your skin?

How closely do you read the ingredients of beauty products?

Do you know your skin type?

What do you think of luxury beauty products?

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