Can We Guess How Long You've Been Married?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

You've met "the one," you've taken your vows, and you're living together in wedded bliss. Now that you're a bona fide married couple, we're betting that you have a lot of stories to tell about your relationship. During this quiz, you'll get the opportunity to let it all out when you answer our questions. Once you're done, we will know how long you've been wearing your wedding bands! 

Once you've been married long enough, you start to see your spouse as an extension of yourself. While we are mostly going to ask about the things that occur in your relationship, the answers you give us will come from your perspective. Seeing the way you see things might tell us a lot about your life together, and it will undoubtedly lead us to the number of candles on your next anniversary cake.

Whether you're celebrating your first or 25th anniversary, the information you provide will stay between us. We're not marriage counselors, but we are behavior experts, and we wouldn't dream of betraying your relationship's trust! After analyzing your responses, we'll feel like part of the family. We'll also know how long it ago it was that you walked down the aisle! Or will we?

Who decides where you go out to eat?

How did you meet your spouse?

If your spouse's snoring were keeping you awake, how would you make it stop?

Which one of you does most of the household chores?

Do you finish one another's sentences?

Does your spouse do anything that makes you crazy?

Which one of you steals the blankets?

How many times do you text each other per day?

Which one of you is the better cook?

What do you trust your spouse with the least?

In one word, what you are your disagreements like?

Which one your spouse's traits is your favorite?

How do you usually celebrate your anniversary?

Which one of you wears the pants?

When you spouse is grumpy, how do you handle it?

Which of these things does your spouse do best?

How would you describe your sweetheart's driving?

Do you take separate vacations?

What would you like to improve about your relationship?

How do you make up after arguments?

Do all of your friends like your spouse?

Where do you see your relationship in 10 years?

Do you ever get jealous?

Would you say it was love at first sight?

Which one of you has the tougher job?

Would you be interested in renewing your vows?

What was your wedding like?

How do you think your spouse would describe your love?

What was the first thing you noticed about your spouse?

Which pet name do you call your spouse most often?

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