Quiz: Can We Guess How Many Male Friends You Have?
Can We Guess How Many Male Friends You Have?
By: Talin Vartanian
Image: Dan Dalton/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

In this quiz, we're about to estimate just how many guys you are friends with. Maybe you have no guy friends, or perhaps you have two male friends that you're close with. Or, you could be very popular with 10 male friends as well! You'll never know how many guy friends you have until you take this personality quiz! 

Men have many masculine physical and personality traits that make them a bit different from women. While some women do exhibit some of these physical and behavioral traits, many of them are made up of mostly feminine qualities. Examples of masculine traits include being independent, competitive, aggressive and protective. While not all men are alike, these are just examples of characteristics that you'll find in the majority of the male gender.

Let's look at the opposite end of the spectrum here: females. Some female traits include being patient, forgiving, kind and nurturing. Some women possess more masculine qualities though, as you may have come across quite a few females who are tough like men. This quiz will explore some of these traits, as well as other lifestyle activities and habits that will help us determine exactly how many male friends you have!

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On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest), how much do you care about your appearance?

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What kinds of video games do you play?

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Do you spend a lot of time on your makeup and hair?

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Do you watch or follow any of these sports?

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When you workout, what do you focus on toning?

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Which of the following is your drink of choice?

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Which of the following music genres do you listen to the most?

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What kinds of shoes do you wear?

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What kinds of socks are in your wardrobe?

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