Can We Guess How Many Times You've ACTUALLY Been in Love?

By: Tori Highley
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About This Quiz

Butterflies in your stomach? Fireworks during a kiss? It could have been love, but more than likely, you had fallen in lust. Enchanting and intoxicating, lust is easy to find and exciting to feel, with lots of passion but little substance. Love is a much deeper connection to another person, and it doesn't come easy. 

True love is built on trust, respect, adoration, and hope. Love builds homes and courage, supporting you both through good and bad. Love impassions you to care more and create more, and it encourages you to be more yourself than ever before. Love takes time, tenderness, intention, and inspiration. It is so much more than desire and infatuation, and it is so painful and scarring to lose this love. 

When you are head-over-heels, it is hard to separate your love from lust. However, your feelings about amorous details easily reveal the truth of your romantic history. From falling in true love over and over to simply having passionate flings throughout time, only your truest loves will stand out in our scrupulous love quiz. Let us guess how many times you have fallen in love!

How many times have you truly been in love? Our quiz will help you find out!

Which hunky Hollywood star would you rather take a selfie with?

Which flower is most romantic to you?

Which trait is most important to you in a relationship?

Which vacation is best for a romantic getaway?

Which feature is most attractive on another person?

What is a big relationship dealbreaker for you?

Who do you go to for love advice?

Which romantic gesture would grab your attention?

How can you tell when you have fallen in love?

Which low-budget wedding location is the sweetest?

With an unlimited budget, where would you get married?

When you get home from a great first date, who is the first person you text about it?

Which real-life love story is your favorite?

Which love song gives you the most emotions?

What is the perfect first date?

Which homemade gift would you love to receive from your lover?

How do you break up with someone when it isn't working out?

What is your favorite way to surprise a loved one?

What is your biggest pet peeve about dating?

Where would you love to volunteer with your sweetheart?

What is your favorite thing about your personality?

Which of these acts of love would make you feel most cherished?

What is the best part of cuddling?

What kind of kiss is your favorite?

Where do you dream of meeting your soul mate?

Which movie do you watch when recovering from heartbreak?

What kind of home do you envision your family in?

Which of these creates the most romantic lighting?

Which special skill do you find most charming in a date?

What is your favorite dessert to split?

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