Can We Guess How Old Your Car Is?

Steven Miller

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About This Quiz

Whether you just drove it off the lot or the odometer has ticked over the capacity to count, we think we can figure out how old your car is just from asking you the following questions.

How many oil changes has your vehicle had?

How much modern technology came standard on your car?

How much rust is there on your vehicle?

What kind of mechanic do you have to go to?

Does your car still have a new car smell to it?

How many digits is your odometer at?

How far do you feel comfortable driving your car?

Is the original battery still in your car?

How faded are the headlights on your vehicle?

How do you play music in your ride?

What speed do you feel comfortable driving at in your car?

How faded would you say the interior color is on your ride?

Have you ever changed the gear oil in your rear differential?

How many brake jobs have been done on your vehicle?

How many sets of tires have you gone through on your car?

Is the original transmission still in the vehicle?

How well do you know your mechanic?

How well does your air conditioning work?

How many times has your car overheated?

Does your car ever have difficulty turning over when you start it?

Which is the most likely reaction that your friends would have to seeing your car?

Do they still manufacture your make and model?

How well would your car fit into a classic car show?

How much of the original value has your vehicle maintained?

How "cool" is your ride?

What fad was going on when your car was made?

What music was first blaring in your vehicle?

Can a computer analyze the performance of your vehicle?

How hard is it to get parts for your vehicle?

Is the original engine still in your vehicle?

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