Quiz: Can We Guess How Quickly You Move On After a Breakup?
Can We Guess How Quickly You Move On After a Breakup?
By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

So you want us to tell you how quickly you moved on... Well, we'll ask you some questions about your most serious past relationship, and then we'll give our guess. We're betting that we'll be right!

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How long were you and your most serious ex together?

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Do you think they could've been 'the one?'

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Out of all your ex's exes, are you similar to any of them?

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Did you ever meet their family?

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Did you two argue often?

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How many people have you been with since that breakup?

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Did you and your ex share a special bond?

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Have you ever felt that way about anyone else?

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If you drunk-texted your ex, what would that message say?

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Have you ever gone out of your way to make that ex jealous?

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Do you and your ex still talk?

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How do you greet each other when you see them?

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Have you guys ever gotten back together after a break up?

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Do you still want to be with them?

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Do you think your ex still has feelings for you?

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How long was your longest relationship?

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Do you still think about that ex a lot?

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Do you still have pictures up of the two of you?

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Have you changed your relationship status on social media since the break up?

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Do you want bad things to happen to them?

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If you were to describe your ex in one word, what would it be?

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Were you open to finding love again after that relationship ended?

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Are you honestly over them?

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