Can We Guess How Traditional You Are When It Comes To Dating?

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About This Quiz

Dating has always been hard. Back in the days when women were considered property and a man could just buy the woman he wanted by giving her father some goats and a bushel of wheat, sure, dating was simpler - but it was a lot harder (especially if you were the woman in this scenario). In recent centuries, when the idea of a love match came into being and women achieved the right to refuse to consent to marriages that weren't right for them, things became fairer, but a lot more complicated. Couple that with people moving around a lot more and meeting more people, and suddenly you can end up overwhelmed by choice. Since women are no longer legally barred from having their own money and freedom, marriage is not necessary for them anymore - it's something people do because they want it. That means they are freer to value their partner for himself, not just as a meal ticket.

Of course, the upside of the old way was that if you were miserable, at least you could blame the system. Having a world full of choices means that if you're miserable now, you have to contend with the possibility that it's your own fault (which it may indeed be).

Some people navigate this by choosing all the modern options, while others stick with the older ways. Which are you?

Who should ask who out?

How do you know it's a date?

When should you have sex?

Would you use online dating or apps?

When should you tell people you're in a relationship?

How important is marriage?

Would you cohabit before marriage?

Who should pay on the first date?

Should the man walk on the curb side?

How do you know if there's going to be a second date?

Should the guy get the gal's father's permission before proposing?

What do you need to know about someone before you have sex?

Do you believe in 'The One'?

Do you believe your lover should be your best friend?

When should the woman let the man see her without makeup on?

Is it ever possible to date someone who is much more or less attractive?

When is it OK to ghost someone (just disappear rather than tell them you're ending it)?

Besides ghosting, what is an acceptable way to break up with someone?

How soon after a first date is it OK to call?

Is it OK to have secrets from your partner?

Is it cheating to look at porn?

Is it cheating to go to a strip club?

Does it matter who makes more money?

What is a good enough reason to divorce someone?

Can a long distance relationship ever work?

Do nice guys finish last?

Does fighting with your boo mean the relationship is doomed?

Do opposites attract?

What could they say that would instantly make you not want a second date?

What is one of your top three requirements in a partner?

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