Can We Guess How You Commute?

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For some people, the morning commute into work is something that they dread. For others, it can be relaxing and a way to forget their stresses as they focus on the open road — or, not so open road! Usually, a commute to work is either riddled with waiting for a bus or hitting every red light surrounded by others trying to get to their jobs.

Going to work in the morning is just one half of the battle of a work day, but the second half comes after work on the drive home. This is the commute that you probably enjoy the best. There's no better feeling than knowing that you're on your way back to see your family, pets or roommates and that you have those awesome nights of freedom to do what you please. But if you work a regular 9 to 5, then you're probably preparing for the next morning's commute and day at work as well. The grind never stops — unless it's the weekend!

Think we can guess how you get to and from work every day based on just your personality? Let's see if we can guess correctly or if we've left you behind at the station with this quiz!

Are meetings a fun part of your day or do you think that they're boring?

Think about your social circle. Who are you in your friend group?

Someone in the office has been doing lots of work but hasn't been given much credit for it. Do you intervene?

If you're very busy at work, how do you handle the extra time that you need?

You've been chosen to receive an award at a ceremony at your workplace. What are you receiving it for?

Is the environment something that you deem to be very important?

You'd really like to get a raise, but how do you request one?

Are you easily embarrassed or do you brush it off as nothing?

Does a holiday mess up your flow or do you love a little extra time off?

It's hard to stay offline in this digital world. What do you usually spend your time doing on the net?

Of the following, what movie title describes you best?

Are you always hard at work or hard at play?

Do you like going for joy rides or is your need for speed paused by the brake pedal?

If you could live anywhere, you'd say that your ideal home would be where?

You've just received some bad news. How do you react?

Two friends ask you to go to a gathering on the same night. How do you handle it?

Do you take things solo or do you consider yourself to be a team player?

Gas prices are going up. How do you deal with them?

It's always great to try something new. Which extreme sport would you be most likely to do?

How important is your family life to you?

Are you an outdoors lover, or do you retreat to the comfort of the indoors?

You work hard during the week. So, how do you spend your weekends?

Would you ever get a pet or is your lifestyle not ideal for a furry friend to live with you?

When doing a job search, what do you look for in a posting from a company?

At work, do you work closely with others or are you mostly on your own?

You would say that your favorite way to spend spare time is by doing which of the following?

You've run into a roadblock on a big project at work. What's your next move?

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

After a long and grueling day at work, how do you feel when you arrive back home?

Self-expression is important in life. How do you best express yourself?

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