Quiz: Can We Guess If You Believe in Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life?
Can We Guess If You Believe in Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Haiting Yu / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Have you ever heard of the Drake Equation? Sadly it has nothing to do with Drake the singer but everything to do with Frank Drake, a radio astronomer who was trying to figure out what the odds were on our ability to find and communicate with alien life. That sounds straightforward, right? Except that there are about a half dozen variables, none of which science can pin down. Long story short, there's no real answer for the Drake equation, and we have no idea what the odds are on ever contacting alien life. A big part of the reason is that we don't know if there is any extraterrestrial life to contact. It's hard to talk to someone who may or may not even exist.

The question of alien life doesn't have a lot of science behind it right now. Is there life out there? Is it intelligent? Some people are confident in the odds and assume that of course there must be life, just look at all the life on Earth alone! Others are not so convinced - there's nothing else in our solar system, and we haven't even found a planet that looks like it could sustain life. Maybe we're an anomaly. Maybe, maybe, maybe. So, which side of the coin are you on? Answer a few questions, and we'll guess what you think about finding intelligent life out there!

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There is no end of stories featuring aliens. Which fictional aliens do you think are the most realistic?

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What do you feel is the biggest benefit of space travel and exploration?

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When do you think a human will set foot on Mars?

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The moon landing was one of the biggest events in all of history. Do you think we should go back?

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We have eight planets in our solar system ever since poor Pluto got the boot. Aside from Earth, which one seems the most interesting to you?

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There are lots of theories about how we could travel between stars one day. Which approach is the most interesting to you?

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What's the greatest movie about traveling in space ever made?

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It's 1,000 years in the future and we have colonies on Mars and the moon. Would you ever leave Earth permanently?

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There's a universe of difference between life and intelligent life. Do you think there's life in some form out there?

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There have been so many legendary explorers in human history. Who was the most incredible?

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Which of these unusual pets would you be willing to have?

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If we met another intelligent race, do you think they'd be friendly?

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If you could learn a new language, which of these would you most like to learn?

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Which alien from pop culture do you think is the least realistic?

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Would it be a good thing if humanity encountered friendly aliens?

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Some amazing things go on in space. What are the most interesting cosmic phenomena, in your opinion?

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If you're going to be in space, you need a cool vehicle. Which of these would you pick?

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If we can't explore space right now, there are lots of places to explore on Earth. Where would you go if you could?

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Do you think intelligent life, if it existed, would even want to meet us?

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Do you believe humanity will ever get to the point where world peace is achieved?

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Not to get too heavy on you, but why did life start on Earth specifically?

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Lots of people think aliens have visited and abducted them from the Earth. What's your opinion on those stories?

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If an alien showed up at your home E.T.-style, what would you do with it?

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Where do you think the aliens would go if they showed on Earth tomorrow?

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