Can We Guess If You Donate Blood?

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Some superheroes shoot plasma from their hands, like Captain Marvel. Others give it through a needle, out of their veins, like every hero who has ever donated blood. Giving blood is one of those ways that an ordinary person can make an amazing difference, as blood banks are able to store up all of the essential blood types to be ready for people undergoing surgery, or suffering from traumatic injuries. We tend to forget, in our flashy modern age, what a miracle it is that an injured person can simply show up at a hospital and assume that it will be equipped with blood taken from other humans and refrigerated, and that they will be given as much of it as they need. It is one of the great triumphs of modern medicine.

Still, not everyone can give blood. If you have a communicable disease, you are on certain medications or you suffer from anemia and other disorders, you may be officially or unofficially banned from giving--or at least, you will only give when the recipient is you, and you're giving for your own upcoming surgery. Indeed, if you have low iron, you may find giving blood puts you to sleep for a whole weekend and makes you feel absolutely awful. In this case, it's probably wise to avoid it. However, most eligible donors can give blood and need nothing more but a nice little rest and a couple of cookies to recover--and best of all, their body will make more blood, so they can return in a little while and do it again!  Can we figure out if you are among them?

Where do you work most days?

Have you ever bled a lot, and if so, how did you feel afterward?

Do you have any medical training?

Have you ever received blood?

Are you a registered organ donor?

If you see someone passed out on the side of the road, what do you do?

Do you have any religious issues with organ donation?

Do you secretly fantasize about saving a life?

Are you the number one carer for any kids or elders?

How do you get around your city or town?

Are you currently training for a marathon or anything similar?

Can you sit still for 30 minutes without getting antsy?

How scary are needles to you?

Last time you were in an ambulance, why were you there?

How good is the health care available to you?

As far as you are aware, what is the maximum a person can make per month for donating blood and/or plasma?

Do you know your blood type?

Do you know anyone who has ever needed blood in an emergency?

Which blood type is the universal recipient?

Have you ever survived a major health issue that could have killed you?

Might you want to be pregnant in the next 12 months?

Are you from an area where mad cow disease is prevalent?

What do you do for a living?

Can you afford to get a nice juicy steak (or its vegetarian equivalent) for dinner?

What is the worst injury you've ever had?

How many times have you had to have surgery in your life?

Do you have to look a certain way for your job (eg actor)?

Be honest: How selfish are you?

Do you believe in karma?

How are your iron levels these days?

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