Can We Guess If You Identify More as a Democrat or a Republican?

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About This Quiz

These days, hyper-partisanship has threatened the ability of the American government to function, as  increasingly narrow groups of voters select increasingly extreme candidates - who, thanks to gerrymandering, voter suppression, apathy and media Balkanization, are increasingly hard to dislodge once they become incumbents. One surprising fact is how much distance there is between the parties, considering that the USA is the only major developed economy that has never had a strong, mainstream, leftist party; by global standards, today's fairly corporate-oriented Democrats sit squarely in the center of the political spectrum, while most metrics position their opponents far to the right of this. While there are glimmers of socialism, they remain just that for now. Meanwhile, labels like liberal and conservative get slapped on a grab-bag of policies that aren't necessarily either.

It was not always like this. Back in the time of Dwight Eisenhower and before him, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the two parties were more similar, suffering from similar diseases (albeit to differing degrees) - racism, misogyny and so on - while sharing much of the same vision - democracy, rule of law, freedom of speech and so on. New Deal Democrats and Eisenhower Republicans are where each party's true soul historically belonged, and as polls show on issue after issue after issue, that's where most Americans still are. Hyper-partisanship is fun for TV and for politicians, but it's not an accurate reflection of the people.

This quiz is thus not about measuring how much you like yelling at and demonizing some ghoulish cartoon of "them". It's about measuring where you are in relation to the reasonable heart of each party. Hopefully, remembering that such a place exists will help us to push back against the noise, and remember the values most of us hold dear.

How do you feel about American military might?

What's your view of unions?

How well paid should teachers be?

Is health care best when it's connected to employment?

What president do you especially like?

How do you feel about gun ownership?

Should the government tell people who they can marry?

How fervent are you about property rights?

What is the biggest threat to the USA?

Who is America's enemy?

Who is America's best friend?

What should the top tax rate be?

At what income level should the top tax bracket kick in?

How much more should a CEO make than the worst-paid worker in their company?

How do you feel about the minimum wage?

What's your position on legal immigration?

Should illegal immigrants have a path to citizenship?

How do you feel about gerrymandering?

Do you worry about voter suppression?

What sort of infrastructure do we need more of?

What underrated investment can we make in the future prosperity of our nation?

How should the energy market be regulated?

Which ideology is the most damaging?

What's your position on capitalism?

If someone is poor, what is the most likely reason?

Should unlimited donations to political campaigns be permitted?

How do you feel about very public displays of patriotism?

Which country should America definitely NOT be like?

Which country is a good role model from which America might learn something?

Should coal plants be allowed to dump waste into the rivers?

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