Quiz: Can We Guess If You Own a Truck?
Can We Guess If You Own a Truck?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Katrina Wittkamp/DigitalVision/GettyImages

About This Quiz

Owning a truck in America is a double-edged sword. On one hand, they are handy, are not subject to the gas guzzler tax and are hugely powerful, and they are very capable transportation. On the other hand, trucks are massive, consume a lot of fuel and mostly have wooden steering; if you don't use the flatbed, they're not very handy. People used to buy pickups and cover the bed with a roof. Now they just buy SUVs. Thus, truck owners are a distinctive group with its own rarefied needs and culture.

This truck culture revolves around certain variables. Professions are usually the motivation for buying a pickup truck. These professions tend to exist in specific parts of the United States, and are held by people with a certain level of formal education, within specific social classes, perhaps even in family businesses, like contracting, etc. Without asking directly, it is possible to triangulate these factors. The trick to it is asking the right questions.

Then there are the non-truck owners. If one owns a car or SUV but not a truck, it's not the same as just not owning a truck at all. Someone driving a Chevy SS in Wyoming isn't the same as someone commuting into Manhattan on a Path train from Hoboken. Like truck owners, this group can be identified with a few pointed questions.

Do you think we can guess if you own a truck? We certainly do. Take our quiz and put us to the test.

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How much of your work is in your office?

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What kind of jacket do you wear to work?

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What kind of trousers do you wear to work?

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What tool could you not do without at work?

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How do you find most of your professional clients?

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What knot do you use to tie your tie?

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What brand of pocket knife do you own?

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What brand of truck do you like best?

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