Can We Guess If You Served in the Military?

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Those brave people who have served in the military will never be totally the same after that experience, whether they've seen combat or not. That is because being in the military isn't just any old job - it's protecting our country day after day. It's just a totally different lifestyle. Those of us who've never been in the military don't have any idea what it's really like, and those who've been in the military never act totally like a civilian again.

What are some of the signs that someone has lived the military lifestyle? If you have really good posture, there's a chance you were in the military, and if you combine that with the fact that you tend to be ridiculously polite to your superiors, that's another clue. Does sleeping on the floor mean absolutely nothing to you? Is it possible for you to get up and start your day without making sure your bed is made? Is it hard for you to go to a parade without saluting the flag when it comes by? 

Take this quiz and we'll try to figure out if you've served in the military. If you have, thank you, and if you haven't, why did you think you could fool us?

Do you show a lot of respect to your boss at work?

Who does most of the cleaning at your place?

You're visiting a friend, but there is nowhere to sleep - even all the couches and chairs are taken. What do you do?

No one likes wrinkled clothing, but how often do you iron?

How quickly do you walk?

What time is it if it is 12 p.m.?

When was the last time you called someone "sir"?

Do you feel comfortable wearing a uniform?

How comfortable do you feel being part of a group?

It's Saturday morning; what time do you wake up?

Do you enjoy testing your body physically?

You're sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. How soon are you done eating?

Do you ever say the term "Charlie Foxtrot"?

Does swearing come naturally to you?

Have you seen a lot of the world?

How many pushups can you do?

Which sport do you enjoy watching the most?

What do your friends like about you the most?

When was the last time you saluted anyone or anything?

Do you enjoy watching war movies?

Are you the type that makes a lot of excuses about things?

Would you describe yourself as patriotic?

How long do you tend to spend in the shower?

What do you think of the Alpha Romeo Mark Yankee?

How long do you wear your hair?

How healthy is your diet?

How many really close friends do you have?

Do you pride yourself on how tough you are?

Do you get impatient when you have to wait in a long line?

How often do you shine your shoes?

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