Can We Guess If You Served in the Military Based on Your Life Skills?

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People don't just join the military to protect their country. If there is one thing that everyone knows about joining the military, is that it sure changes who you are, and almost always for the better. Of course, there are a lot of aspects of mental, emotional and spiritual growth and changes that you experience when you join the military, and those are all good things. You learn a lot of things like personal discipline, how to get along with others, teamwork and toughness, but you also learn a lot of life skills that help you on your way as you go on through life.

If you ever served in the military, there is no doubt that you learned a lot from it. You learned how to take care of yourself in all sorts of different ways, whether that be how to eat right, how to clean your room, how to fix a flat tire, or how to survive in the wilderness. In fact, we think that if we asked you a bunch of questions, we could tell whether you are a veteran of the military or someone who has never served. Now drop down and give us ten. Or take this quiz. You choose. 

Looking good is important; how good are you at tying a necktie?

Would you be able to survive if it meant building a good campfire?

When you're hanging a picture, do you do it straight?

Bears are cool, unless you come across one in the wild. Do you know how to avoid a bear attack?

Can you parallel park into a really small parking space?

If you're out on a lake in a canoe, can you paddle it straight?

What do you do if your leaky faucet keeps dripping all night?

Everyone likes a barbecue, are you good at grilling with charcoal?

If there was an emergency, could you perform CPR?

You might not be a quarterback, but could you throw a tight spiral?

If a button falls off one of your shirts, what do you do?

It sure is cold outside, maybe you should split some firewood?

You have a flat tire on the side of the highway, what do you do?

How comfortable are you changing a baby's stinky diaper?

Your smartphone lost service, can you read a map?

How solid of a handshake do you have?

You have a job interview, are you going to iron your clothes?

It's time to build a shelter on the show "Survivor," what do you do?

Have you ever grown any of your own food?

Time for breakfast, are you good at making eggs?

It's your turn to deal, how well do you shuffle cards?

You're thirsty, but you don't have a bottle opener; can you get that bottle open anyway?

How many languages do you speak?

It's snowing out there, can you still drive to work?

You've got a crush on someone, can you ask them out?

It's time to play poker, do you know how to play?

You need to borrow a car, but it is a stick shift, what do you do?

When was the last time you hosted a dinner party?

Speeches can be hard, have you ever given a toast in public?

What would you do if you couldn't use your smartphone for a week?

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