Can We Guess If You're a Doctor?

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Being a doctor is quite rightly a profession that is respected pretty universally. After all, being a doctor takes years of training, and the acquisition of a unique combination of skills. A good doctor must not only know the system of the human body in which they specialize—but they must also know all the other parts well, in order to take a holistic approach that understands no part of a patient's health exists in isolation. They must stay up to date with new developments in their field, from received wisdom that has been newly confirmed or proven to be nonsense, to new drugs or concerns about old drugs, to procedures and devices and which sort of patient might be suited to which new treatment.

To be a truly great doctor, of course, you must also be good with people. It is sometimes the unhappy duty of a doctor to give people the worst news of their life, and the way it is given will never be forgotten. A great doctor is a tremendous comfort, who can help a scared and sick person face their treatment with courage and tenacity. That's why not just anyone can be a doctor.

Do you have the magical touch of an MD? We think we know!

If you went through a wormhole to 1642, how much of your education would be useful?

How high is your threshold for finding things icky?

Did you always feel drawn to be a healer?

How many years of study is too many?

What working space makes you feel happiest?

How willing are you to risk never making a good living?

What car do you drive?

If there's a medical emergency on a plane, do you help?

When did you first get a first aid qualification?

Someone has cut their finger! What should we do?

What medicine would you definitely not prescribe other than in the most extreme situation?

How often per day do you wash your hands?

What's the last object you asked someone to pass to you?

Can you read a chart?

If you don't know something, what do you say?

Can you give bad news graciously?

How often do you get additional job training?

If you meet a really attractive nurse (male or female), what do you say?

Which is the best, "Doctor, doctor" joke?

How much would you charge to sign all the pages in that prescription pad then leave it here while you pop into another room?

Someone is scared of needles. How do you feel about that?

Before you examine a patient, what do you say?

How important is money to you?

What is the dumbest thing about the health care system, from your perspective?

What is the biggest organ in the human body?

How many bones does a skull have?

Can you wear white and not spill on it?

What sort of shoe do you wear to work?

What is your favorite piece of office decor?

How much do you value letters in front of your name?

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