Can We Guess If You're a Farmer or a Rancher?

Zoe Samuel

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As the song goes, "Oh, give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above! Don't fence me in!" This is the song of the rancher, who needs wide open spaces and the ability to drive horses and cattle hither and thither with the seasons and the markets, depending on where the water and the money are to be found. The farmer, on the other hand, is all about sticking to a single spot and making it as beautiful and prosperous as they can. The farmer's community is larger, though still not too big, and they are very much bound up with their local town.

Both these approaches can be made to live in harmony with nature, and while they have some enmity as the farmer loves fences and the rancher abhors them, they will always band together against the townie—the urban-dweller who comes out of the city to enjoy what they've both built and protected all their lives. That's why, as the musical "Oklahoma!" reminds us, "The farmer and the cowman should be friends." They both protect something that they love, though they go about it in different ways.

Which of these attitudes suits you best? Are you the farmer, the rancher, a little of both—or something else entirely?

How many nights a year do you spend under canvas?

Which song about the Old West suits you best?

What sort of boots are you most likely to wear to go out on a drizzly day?

How old did you learn to ride a horse?

Do you ever regret the "civilizing" of the Old West?

If you're going fishing, what color is the jacket you put on?

What is your favorite type of car to drive?

If you see a stranger while out on a nice country walk, what do you say to them?

What is the youngest animal you've ever seen?

When was the last time you collected your own eggs?

Do you know what "hilling" is?

When you see a river, how do you feel about that?

If you were halfway across a field when you spotted a herd of cows walking toward you, what would you do first?

How do you feel about catching your own dinner?

How far would you move for your dream job?

Where is your favorite place to chill in the evening?

What sort of dog do you have (or if you don't have one, what would you have)?

What is the largest vehicle you are licensed to drive?

What is your idea of the perfect weather?

Would you rather tread in a rabbit hole, or fall off a large straw bale?

When you go away on a vacation, what is the first thing you worry about?

How long can you go without looking at your phone?

What feature would you absolutely love to have in your garden?

What's your idea of "dressed up"?

If you were to find an injured rabbit in the countryside, what would you do?

Could you live in the 'burbs?

Who is your local nemesis?

What is the silliest thing that city people do when they come to the countryside?

If you lived in the city for a while, what would you miss most?

What season is most relaxing?

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