Can We Guess If You’re Australian Based on This “Yes or No” Quiz?

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About This Quiz

Australia is a magical land where people sound just a little like they are from the north of England, but not quite. Australia is a continent and a country, and no other nation can really lay claim to such status. Australia is also home to some of the strangest animals in the world, as well as many of the deadliest. It's the host of some of the world's greatest natural wonders, untouched indigenous cultures, cutting-edge technologies, and yes, vineyards. In addition to supplying the rest of the world with actors who play superheroes, Australia has a rich culture many outsiders never penetrate and a history going back centuries to pivotal moments in world affairs. Today, Australia is a Western nation in the Far East, where English is the national language, the national image abroad is one of tough guys, even though gun ownership isn't anything like it is in the U.S.A., and shocked tourists wander the cities looking for an authentic Outback Steakhouse.

If we could hear you say "fish and chips" we would know instantaneously if you were an Aussie or a Kiwi. Unfortunately, that avenue isn't open to us, so we will have to determine if you're an Aussie based on this "yes or no" quiz. Take it and test your knowledge of the land down under and her people.

Is a ute cool?

Do you know, at least in theory, how to start a fire without matches?

Have you seen Ayers Rock in person?

Have you ever tried your hand at surfing?

Have you ever had to stop on a rural road to allow a reptile to pass?

If you were wading in the sea with your friends and you could see a shark, would you link arms, stick your head in the water and have a look?

Did your school curriculum include treatment for snakebite?

Did you grow up in a very multiethnic society?

Do you think that $60,000 USD is about the average annual wage?

Have you ever slipped a goon bag into a Macca's?

Is it free to go to the doctor?

Do you tip very often?

Did your house have a cache of spare mattresses?

Do you encounter roundabouts on highways?

Have you been given driving directions using places that no longer exist as landmarks?

Did you drive long before you had a license?

Have you ever heard of men getting into a fist fight over Ford vs. GM?

Have you ever had to wait 30 days to buy a gun?

Did you refer to your teachers by their surnames?

Are you used to being surrounded by people smoking in public places?

Do you regularly legally drink in public?

Did you go to "college"?

Would you be embarrassed if, while running on the beach, your thong came flying off?

Would you date a ripper?

When you were a child, were you dragged into the bush?

Do you live within 30 miles of the coast?

When you were growing up, did your mother work outside the home?

Would you show up to a party with a slab?

Have you ever had Tim Tams with Milo?

Are you shocked by how cheap the rest of the world is?

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