Can We Guess if You're Monogamous?

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In the Western world, we take monogamy for granted. For us, it is the "norm" when it comes to relationships. Two people together as a committed couple. Some folks are happy to have open relationships where they can go out and enjoy their time with others and some engage in fully polyamorous relationships where there are more than two people included. But by and large, we tend to stick to that "one plus one" monogamy thing. But is it normal?

A man named George Murdock studied relationships in 1,231 different societies and discovered that monogamy was the standard in only 186. Over 1,000 of those societies would sometimes or very often allow for men to have multiple wives and there were also a handful where it was the norm for women to have multiple husbands. There are also societies that fully accept and integrate gender as a spectrum, where partnership is between individuals or groups with less regard to gender than American society.

Of course, what happens overseas doesn't mean much to you when you're caught cheating ... so the question is, are you monogamous? Think we can figure out if you are or not? Take our quiz and see!

How many friends do you have that you consider sexually attractive?

Would you ever go out for dinner with an ex?

Do you let your partner use your cell phone?

Have you ever sent dirty pictures to someone on your phone?

Have you ever had a threesome?

Do you follow anyone on social media just because you think they're hot?

Do you know if there are any swingers clubs in the town you live in?

If you're out and someone flirts with you, do you flirt back?

Suppose a server at a restaurant gave you their phone number. What would you do with it?

Do you ever watch dirty videos online without your partner knowing about it?

How often do you lie to your partner?

Have you ever checked out someone so openly that your partner caught you?

Hypothetically speaking, if it were possible for you to sleep with your celebrity crush and no one in the world would ever find out, would you do it?

How would you react if you found out your partner was cheating?

How important is sex to a good relationship?

Have you ever had a one night stand in the past?

Have you and your partner ever gone on a break where you were free to see other people?

If your partner asked you if they could have a physical relationship with another person, what would you say?

If your partner wasn't able to perform sexually any longer for health reasons, what would you do?

Are you an honest person in general? Feel free to be honest with your answer.

How long do you wait before you sleep with someone you're in a relationship with?

Have you ever used a dating app like Tinder?

How often do you spend the night out partying?

Do you share your innermost feelings with your partner?

Do you want to get married and spend your life with one person?

Have you ever had a friends with benefits relationship?

Are you more concerned with your partner being satisfied or being satisfied yourself?

Is kissing another person cheating on your partner?

Do you think it's possible to be in love with more than one person in a romantic way at the same time?

How does the idea of being in an open relationship make you feel?

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