Can We Guess If You're Older Than 60 Based on the Vintage Foods You've Eaten?

Teresa McGlothlin

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There's an old phrase that says that they just don't make them like they used to anymore. While that might be a sad case for automobiles and kitchen appliances, we're sure you'll agree that it doesn't apply to a lot of vintage foods. After we see how many kitchen hits from the past you have bravely tried, we think that we'll be able to tell how old you are. Specifically, we'll know if you are over 60. 

Going into any restaurant these days is a testament to how food trends change over time. It might not be uncommon to be served a sandwich on a toothpick now, but it's no less strange than heading to a potluck with a Tuna and Jello Pie in tow back then. We're sure that we'll look back at our fancy food in 30 years and say yuck, too! 

As we go through this vintage food quiz, we're going to ask you which ones you've tried. After we see your responses, we think we'll get an accurate portrait of your age based upon your food knowledge. If you did try it, be honest. If you didn't put it in your mouth, consider yourself lucky! Will we get your age right once you tell us? 

What are your feelings about Pineapple Upside Down Cake?

Have you tried Baked Alaska?

Do you like Lobster Relish?

How tasty are Meatballs with Grape Jelly?

Are you a fan of Sloppy Joes?

Would you rather eat spinach dip or artichoke dip?

Were you served a dish called Ham and Bananas Hollandaise?

What is the best way to eat SPAM?

Did you ever try something called a Tuna Mold?

How would you rate Pigs in a Blanket?

Have you ever owned a can of Easy Cheese?

Which kind of quiche do you like most?

Have you ever added Poppy Seed Dressing to your salad?

Would you give Hamburger Helper a thumbs up?

Did you ever try Coronation Chicken in the '70s?

When did you first try Carrot Cake?

What are your thoughts on Blue Cheese Mousse?

What is your opinion of Deviled Eggs?

What did you think the first time you tried a Tostino's Pizza Roll?

Back in the day, did you like Watergate Salad?

Were you wowed by Cool Ranch Doritos when they came out?

Did you enjoy eating Apricot Chicken?

What do you think of the '80s classic named Salisbury Steak?

Did you ever start a day with Five Alive?

Were you a big fan of Spaghetti-Os when you were younger?

Have you ever eaten from a Celery Log at a party?

Would you like to have a serving of Battenberg Cake?

Do you still enjoy eating Yo Yo biscuits?

Have you ever tried a Hidden Ham?

What do you prefer to dip in fondue?

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