Can We Guess If You're the Oldest, Middle, Youngest or Only Child?

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Love them or hate them, you don't really have a choice in your siblings or whether you get to be the youngest or oldest. It just happens! The order in which you land among your siblings plays a major role in your personality. Did you know that older siblings tend to feel a greater burden when it comes to responsibility whereas younger siblings have a lot more room to breathe and relax? The older siblings typically get stuck with watching over their younger siblings or helping out with larger household chores while the younger siblings have fewer responsibilities.

What about the middle child of the family? There's the stereotype that the middle child acts out, but the truth is that they usually end up being the peacemaker. Surprised? It makes sense, though. They are usually the one stuck right in the middle, so they become great negotiators and are able to see things from both sides. The middle child is also able to get along with and relate to people older and younger than them. 

Now, where do you fall in all of this? Are you the youngest in the family or are you an only child? There's the cliché stereotype that people who are an only child are spoiled. It's definitely one of those things where it depends on each family and how they raised their child. Whichever one you are, there are plenty of things you had to deal with to navigate having siblings or just kicking it as an only child. This quiz will take you back to the days of growing up and navigating your sibling dynamic. So take this quiz and we'll guess which one you are!

Growing up, what was your your favorite TV show to watch with your family?

When you were growing up, what was your dream job?

Where would you choose to live after moving out of your parents' house?

What type of student were you growing up?

If you got hurt while playing outside at home, what's the first thing you'd do?

If your friends get in a fight, what role are you most likely to play?

What was your favorite thing to have in your lunch box for school?

Where do you usually end up at family get-togethers?

When's the first time you really got in big trouble with your parents?

How would your family members describe you?

At what age did you learn how to cook?

How would people describe your room?

When did your parents give you a curfew?

Which movie would you pick to watch at home for family movie night?

Which celebrity family can you relate to the most?

When did you get your first cellphone?

What was your go-to game to play outside with your friends or siblings?

How often do you cook?

As a teen, which magazine did you love getting in the mail every month?

How did you feel whenever you had a babysitter?

If you had to guess, how many gifts did you get for Christmas?

How did you find out that Santa Claus wasn't real?

If you had to pick an animal that best reflected your personality, which one would it be?

At what age do you see yourself getting married?

What chores did you have to do as a kid?

When it was time to eat dinner, which job did you get stuck always doing?

At what age were you allowed to see PG-13 movies?

Who are you closest to in your family?

What type of parenting style did your parents use to raise you?

How did you feel whenever it was time to go back to school?

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