Can We Guess If You've Met Your Soulmate?

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Modern life is full of choices, to a degree of which our ancestors could only dream. Where even reasonably affluent people a couple of hundred years ago might meet a few hundred people at most in the course of their lives, these days it's possible to know hundreds of people, meet thousands, and have access to hundreds of thousands of potential romantic partners at the click of a button or swipe of a screen. That means that finding a soulmate can feel like an impossible task, as you search for the diamond in an increasingly enormous rough.

The upsides, however, are threefold. First, your soulmate and you have far more ways to find each other. You're much less likely to live and die your entire lives in neighboring towns without ever meeting at all! Second, if you have a few soulmates out there (and some of us do), then your odds of encountering one of them are greatly improved. Third, thanks to the hugely improved educational and career prospects most of us enjoy these days, we get to meet our soulmates when we have far more to offer them and much more to share than just survival. That means when we do meet, the adventures we can enjoy are even more thrilling.

Have you found yours? Let's find out!

How happy are you?

Do you fear the future?

How soon did you know your boo was the one?

When did you meet their friends?

How was your first time with them?

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Do you feel secure in your relationship?

How annoying is your boo?

How does it feel to be together in silence?

If you want to make love and they don't, how do you feel?

Do you get on with their family?

Do you see the two of you having a family someday?

Do you share financial information?

Have you ever paid off a debt for them?

Have you ever seen them through a medical emergency?

Have you ever supported them through changing job?

What word would best characterize it when you disagree?

Do you have any secrets from them?

Do you try to change them?

Do you feel safe with them?

Do you ever threaten to leave them?

Do you fundamentally respect them?

Are they your best friend?

Do you get everything you need from them?

Do you think they're beautiful when they fall out of bed in the morning?

Do you know their deepest fear?

How important is your most deeply-held ambition to them?

Are you aligned on the question of faith?

Do you still have good manners around each other?

How do you feel about the fact that you met them when you did?

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