Can We Guess If You've Worked in a Kitchen by the Foods You Love and Hate?

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The culinary world is full of delicious desserts, seasonings and dishes that are popular for their flavors and textures. Some of these flavors are bolder and more pronounced, while others are more subtle and hidden. And if you've worked in a kitchen before, then you probably know what kinds of dishes we're talking about!

Thai cuisine is a great example of this. Popular choices like spicy green papaya salad, pad thai and chicken in coconut soup are made with many different types of ingredients. Some of these include fish sauce, lime juice, tamarind, dried chiles and coconut milk. While it can be difficult to detect each one of these ingredients, they all work together to create harmonious flavors. But some dishes don't need a lot of elements to be flavorful. Take the classic pizza, for example. Some pizza dough, tomato sauce and cheese is all you need for a hearty meal to share. You can even mix and match various vegetables, proteins, herbs and fruits together for even more flavor. So in this yummy food quiz, we're going to learn more about the types of foods you love and hate to find out what your kitchen role once was!

Which of these French mother sauces do you love the most?

What type of soup would you like to eat on a chilly evening?

Which vegetable from this list makes you go "eww!"?

Tonight is pizza night, so how about choosing one of these yummy pizzas for us to share?

Which of these comfort foods is starting to warm up your soul?

Some foods are pretty stinky, but which of these would you stay away from?

A trip to a sushi restaurant calls for which of these yummy rolls?

One of these fruits doesn't belong in a smoothie, but which one is it for you?

Which of these international potato chip flavors do you want to try?

Which epic dessert do you really want for your birthday?

What type of seasoning would you add to a piece of fish for more flavor?

How do you normally want your eggs cooked at a breakfast restaurant?

The early morning hours can only be conquered with which type of cereal?

Are you brave enough to try one of these exotic foods?

Which of these yummy pasta dishes would you like to order at an Italian restaurant?

Tonight, we're going to treat you to one of these delicious Chinese dishes, but you have to pick one first! Which one is it?

How do you personally feel about foods or desserts with mint in them?

Which type of jelly bean flavor are you going to say "no" to?

We can tell that you don't like one of these raw food dishes, but which one is it?

What's the one condiment that you would never dip some fries in?

Would you rather eat a fruit salad or a savory salad for lunch?

Sweet and savory flavors can be combined together! Which of these dishes speaks to your soul the most?

It's OK to dislike some movie theatre candies, but which one do you hate the most?

When dinner time rolls around, what type of sandwich do you start to crave?

On a scale of 1-10, how spicy do you want a cheeseburger to be?

Which of these fast-food chains do you tend to stay away from?

What type of food do you make a beeline for at a buffet?

Many international foods are quite tasty! Which of these are you willing to try?

No one could pay you enough money to try which of these fermented foods?

Which of these convenience foods do you tend to run away from?

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