Can We Guess the Country You Live in Based on the Foods You Hate?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Few things are more personal to us than our taste in food, but have you ever stopped to think about how your tastes were shaped? Sometimes, it's as straightforward as where we grew up and the foods we were served at the family dinner table. Every country around the world has their standard dishes and their favorite treats, but what do the things you hate say about where you live? 

If you feel more comforted by poutine than mac and cheese, it would seem that would place you in Canada, but food is not that simple! You might simply have a more developed palate than other quiz takers, and we cannot base your country of residence on one question. Instead, we are going to tally up all the foods you despise and compare them to countries from around the globe. 

To keep things fair, we won't ask you about local foods from Guam that no one has heard of except for the locals. We're going to figure out where you live by asking you about popular, everyday foods eaten all over the world. Will the ones that you can live without tell us where you are? Tell us how you feel about broccoli, and we'll do our best. 

How do you feel about frozen lasagne?

Which one grosses you out most: sardines, olives, Vienna sausages, or clams?

Which pickled food do you hate most?

What rating would you give steamed broccoli over brown rice?

Do you often order shrimp cocktail as an appetizer?

Which type of gravy makes you a little nauseous?

Which pizza topping would you never order?

How do you feel about whole-grain mustard?

What is the worst way to cook bacon?

Are kale chips on your list of hated foods?

What topping would you ask to have removed from your nachos?

What is the most disgusting way to cook an egg?

Do you rate bleu cheese as something you hate?

In your opinion, what is the worst citrus fruit on this list?

Which food makes you feel a little unwell when you smell it: salmon, cabbage, or asparagus?

Be honest—how do you really feel about Brussels sprouts?

Do you enjoy the taste of tuna in a can?

Which topping would you never add to salad?

Could you live without mayonnaise on sandwiches?

Which snack food do you think is nastiest: raisins, dried banana chips, or prunes?

How do you feel about people who order their steaks cooked well done?

Which leafy green should be banned from plates across the globe?

Do you always eat peas when they are put on your plate?

Which of these comfort foods would you scrape straight into the garbage?

Would you ever put something called blood sausage in your mouth?

What are you feelings about beef jerky?

What is your opinion on people who eat caviar?

Would you ever order a plate of calamari?

Do you enjoy eating avocado on toast?

Which kind of tea is your least favorite: bubble tea, green tea, black tea, or sweet tea?

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