Quiz: Can We Guess the Flower That Best Matches Your Personality?
Can We Guess the Flower That Best Matches Your Personality?
By: Pierre Roustan
Image: Photos by R A Kearton/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

It's stunning just how many different types of flowers there are on planet Earth. And it's no wonder that we are fascinated by flowers, because they have so many interesting characteristics. We give them the most unique names. They have the most interesting personalities (if they were real people, of course). And best of all, there's something very spiritual about them. Gardens of Eden, they are. 

Flowers color the essence of life at its fullest, which is why you'll find the overall rainbow among the petals of many. They encompass the full spectrum, from light to dark. They envelop us with scents that mesmerize and tantalize. They're symbols of everything, from the slightest enigma to the most sensual of beauties.

So, again, it's no wonder... It's no wonder that each of us does have a "favorite flower" in our lives, but not necessarily because of how it looks or smells. Rather, we're willing to bet if you do have a "favorite flower," it is because that flower is you! If you were one, of course. Wouldn't you agree? 

Every flower on planet Earth does have its own personality. The question is, which flower are you? This personality quiz seeks to answer that. Try it and see if we match you quite well!

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Which one of these movies have you seen? (And if you've seen more than one, which one do you like the most?)

5 of 30
What's your favorite gardening tool to use?

6 of 30
What soothes you the most about a garden?

8 of 30
What flower color hits your heart the most?

9 of 30
If you could be a superhero for plants, who would you want to be?

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What is or was your favorite subject in college or high school?

11 of 30
Who's your favorite author of all time?

15 of 30
What's your favorite kind of lawn ornament?

22 of 30
How many hummingbird feeders do you have?

23 of 30
What is your favorite cat breed?

25 of 30
Which legendary figure do you identify with the most?

27 of 30
If you could visit any place in nature, where would you go?

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If you had to design a fairy garden, what would you put in it?

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