Quiz: Can We Guess the Make of Your Truck?
Can We Guess the Make of Your Truck?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Alessandro Curci/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

All trucks are not created equal. If you're the kind of person that owns a truck, is thinking of getting one, or simply just likes trucks, then you know how different all the makes of trucks are. 

Some of them are sporty, small and get good mileage. Other trucks are big, powerful and fun to take off-road and are good for people that want to tow or haul things. Some people just want a truck because of their job. They aren't looking for any bells and whistles, they just want something that starts up that they can throw their tools in the back. Each truck make has a totally different vibe. The odds are that someone who drives a Dodge is not going to have the same personality as someone who drives a Nissan. 

What about you? When it comes to trucks, which make is the one that gets your engine running? Do you want something that you can put a winch on and pull another truck out of a ditch, something that is your everyday driver on the way to work, or would you rather have something that looks cool when you drive it in the inner city? Take this quiz, and we'll guess the make of your truck.

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What kind of music are you usually listening to while driving?

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What is your favorite kind of facial hair on a guy?

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Which of the following sports do you like to watch the most?

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What job would be something you would enjoy?

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Getting off in the woods can be fun, do you spend a lot of time camping?

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It's not always easy going the speed limit, how many speeding tickets have you received?

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What type of book is the last one that you read that you enjoyed?

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Could you parallel park your truck in the city if you had to?

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How much time do you spend on your hair every day?

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If you had to wear one, what kind of hat are you most likely to wear?

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Do you try and avoid confrontations with strangers?

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What would you be doing if you were hanging out at the beach?

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It's a rainy Sunday afternoon, which matinee would you see?

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Are you into man's best friend? How many dogs do you own?

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What kind of slang term are you most likely to use as a greeting?

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Do you have a whole bunch of flannel shirts that you wear?

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Wear are you most likely to shop for every day clothes?

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What sounds best for lunch today?

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There isn't a lot of room in a truck, what is your relationship status?

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A Monster Truck show is in town, are you going?

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It's a huge snowstorm. What are you doing?

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If someone looked in the bed of your truck, what would they see?

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What would someone find on the floor of your truck?

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