Can We Guess the Worst Job You've Ever Had?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

There's nothing like the worst job you've ever had to help you redirect your career! If you think about it, you probably learn more about what you want for your future from a terrible job than you do from a job you find more tolerable. Once you tell us about your worst job, your current job and your hopes for your career in the future, we think we'll be able to figure out which job forced you to want more for yourself. 

We do realize that everyone's idea of a terrible job is different, and we will try to take that into account while you answer our questions. This quiz is designed to pick up on the skills and traits you learned while working a job that made you consider living in your mom's basement as a viable life choice. Try to answer from your own point of view, and we'll do our best to calculate an accurate guess. 

Whether your worst job was keeping up with a needy boss or it was keeping the fast-food masses fed, we commend you for sticking it out. No matter what you do for a living now, we think your worst job has helped shape you. Did you work as a kale tester or a triage nurse? Quiz on to find out!

Was your worst job also your first job?

What time did the workday start at the worst job you've ever had?

If you worked on a cruise ship, which job would you want?

Did you have to wear a uniform?

What did you like most about your worst job?

Do you like the boss you have now?

Which skill did you learn from your worst job?

How do you feel about your current position?

Did you leave your worst job with a good reference?

Have you ever been fired from a job you liked?

Are you better working with animals or with children?

Do you have any food service skills?

Have you recently updated your resumé?

Which of these industries fits your personality the best?

What made your worst job so horrible?

Do you have more creative or more analytical skills?

Would you consider working your worst job at another place?

How would you feel about going back to school to further your career?

Could you handle working the returns desk at a big box store?

Do you prefer to sit or stand when you work?

Did you need to take a shower after a few hours at your worst job?

If we asked the boss from your worst job to describe you, what would they say?

Do you have long gaps in your work history?

Are you a better boss or a better team player?

What do you have in common with a trial attorney?

Would you enjoy working outdoors?

If we saw your current workspace, what would it look like?

Are you still in contact with anyone from your worst job?

Are you currently happy at your job?

Which words of wisdom would you give to someone entering the work force?

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