Can We Guess What Age Your Style Actually Corresponds To?

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Inevitably, there are stereotypical ideas for how people should dress based on their age. In society, it is assumed that teens wear more scandalous clothing than the elderly, while middle-aged moms dress a bit more modestly than 22-year-olds fresh out of college. In many cases, these assumptions are true, but they don't have to be! 

Take Bella Swan from the Twilight series, for example. She's a young and beautiful high school girl who catches the eye of one of the most sought-after guys in her class, Edward Cullen. Stereotypically, you'd assume that Edward would go for someone popular who dresses in fashionable (and maybe even a little provocative) clothing, but Bella completely shatters that stereotype. In her oversized sweaters, loosely fitting jeans and combat boots, Bella has a style all her own. It's plain, simple and modest, though it does evolve a bit as time goes on. If she took this quiz, her style age might be closer to 50 years old than 17, her actual in the movie. 

So, are you a Bella Swan, dressing in a style that is older than you are? Or are you over the hill, dressing like you are still a preteen? Take this quiz to tell us about your style, and we'll guess which age it corresponds to!

What color rain boots do you like?

Everyone has that one pair of jeans. What shade is your favorite?

What's a fashion no-no in your book?

What's an appropriate place to wear sweats and a sweatshirt?

You've got a Christmas dinner to attend. What would you wear?

Lazy Sundays are best spent in...

Which pattern is your favorite?

What kind of earrings are you obsessed with?

How big is the purse you carry around?

Where is an appropriate place to wear tennis shoes?

What would you wear to a job interview?

Tell us about your go-to everyday outfit?

If you were to post a #OOTD post on Instagram, what would you be wearing?

Which store would you be most likely to go into at the mall to pick out an outfit?

Describe your style in a word?

The ideal beach attire? Go!

What kind of hat do you wear most often?

Which of these trends is a total flop?

Which male celeb has the best style?

Which of these famous gals has the coolest clothes?

What color dominates your wardrobe?

We all have one belt we wear 'til it wears out. What color is yours?

Pick your go-to summer sandal.

Which bold-colored pant would you wear?

How high are your highest heels?

Which boots are you most excited to wear as soon as cold weather hits?

Which is your bathing suit style?

Pick a formal dress style?

What's one piece of jewelry you wear daily?

Pick a hair accessory you love wearing?

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