Can We Guess What Beauty Decision You Regret?

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No matter what your age is, it's likely that you've made a trendy beauty decision that you regret. If you're a Baby Boomer, you may have straightened your hair with a clothing iron in the 1960s, worn frosted eye shadow in the 1970s or gotten an odd "Princess Di" haircut in the 1980s. If you're Gen X, we bet that you've experimented with unflattering haircuts, insanely shimmery eyeshadow and bizarre spiky updos. Millennials, on the other hand, might regret their 2000s-era streaky highlights, body glitter and Bumpits, while Gen Z youth may wish that they'd never heard of contouring, sock buns or overpriced gladiator sandals.

However, some bad beauty decisions are universal: they're made in every decade by people of all ages. Those lousy beauty choices are what this quiz is all about! If you're a human who lives on Earth, you've probably made at least one of these mistakes, likely in a youthful burst of misguided optimism. In this quiz, we're going to ask you a series of fashion questions (as well as a few psychological questions) in order to determine which style crimes you've committed. Warning: you may feel embarrassed! Please don't be; we've all been there.

So, are you ready to relive your silliest beauty faux pas? Let's get quizzing!

Were Shannen Doherty's chokers on 90210 cute or did they remind you of "The Girl with the Green Ribbon"?

Have you ever waxed at home? If so, were you successful?

Are Peg Bundy's leopard print leggings everything or do you believe that leggings are not pants?

In your opinion, which Kardashian sister has the best style?

Have you ever pierced your belly button (and then shown off that piercing with a crop top)?

You're going to a Halloween party where you know you'll be seeing your crush. Which of these Halloween costumes do you wear?

As a tween, which Disney star did you catch feelings for?

Be honest: were you ever addicted to wearing colored mascara?

In 2014, were you fond of pairing pretty dresses with shower shoes?

Imagine your high school reunion is coming up. Your best friend offers to pay for you to get Botox or lip fillers with her. What do you say?

In terms of your coloring, are you a spring, winter, fall or summer?

Who's your favorite 2000s style icon?

You're enjoying a drink at your neighborhood bar when a handsome man approaches and offers to buy you a drink. He seems intelligent and kind. However, he's wearing a turtleneck. Do you invite him to sit down?

In high school, did you rock an ironic rat tail?

How do you feel about flat iron curls?

Have you ever asked a hairdresser to give you "the Kate Gosselin"?

If you were a character in a classic teen movie, who would you be?

Are you sad that peplum blouses went out of style?

What was your major in college? Or what did you want your college major to be?

If Laura Mercier herself asked you to confess your worst makeup sins to her in exchange for free makeup for life, what would you say?

Are you more comfortable in winter sweaters or summer shorts? How do you get ready for swimsuit season?

If you could be any indie rock It Girl for a day, who would you be?

Have you ever worn a camouflage dress? If so, are you ashamed of this choice?

Is henna a great natural hair dye, or should people have stopped using it after 1976?

In your opinion, which of these 1990s movies had the best costuming?

If you were a witch, what kind of animal would you have as a familiar?

Circle chain belts: disco hot or not?

Which of these male style mistakes is a total deal breaker for you?

If you could be painted by any artist in the world, living or dead, who would you choose to be portrayed by?

In your opinion, who's the tackiest pop star of all time?

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