Can We Guess What Car You Drove in 1969?

Ian Fortey

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The cars of the 1960s are absolutely iconic. So many of the best designs came from that decade, and in 1969, in particular, you could find any number of cars that, even 50 years later, shame the things on the road. From the Pontiac GTO to the Plymouth Roadrunner to the Dodge Charger, this was a time when cars were built to dominate. Sure, they may not have been environmentally friendly or super safe, but they purred like kittens then roared like lions, and they could tear up a highway in ways modern cars could only achieve if they fell out of airplanes and landed on them.

The '60s brought about a lot of change in the world culturally as well as technologically. Car designs kept up with the times, and by the mid-'70s, a lot of these classic looks had all but been forgotten. So it's worth remembering them here and now since they really were some of the greatest vehicles ever to hit the road. If you can remember what you used to drive back then, we bet we can guess what it was, too. All you need to do is put the top down and cruise through this quiz with us.

You could argue Woodstock was the most famous concert in humanity's history and it took place in 1969. Did you go?

Do you remember where you were when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon?

The music of the '60s is as popular today as it ever was. Which of these bands were you most likely to listen to back then?

Any chance you were a hippie?

Did you know that ARPANET, the groundwork for the modern internet, started in 1969?

Project Blue Book ended in 1969. Do you know what it was?

Fashion in 1969 was either the coolest thing ever or a terrible, terrible mistake. What were you wearing back then?

We're heading to the movies! What was your favorite movie of 1969?

The movie is sold out! Let's just watch TV instead. What was worth watching n 1969?

Fast food was all over the place in 1969. Which restaurant chain would be getting your hard-earned money?

What did you even need a car for back in 1969?

Did you take good care of your car or was it constantly in need of repairs?

Were you the kind of person who was willing to give friends a ride whenever they needed to go somewhere?

What happened to the car you drove back in 1969?

If you could get your car from 1969 back today, would you?

When you got home at the end of the day, where were you parking your car?

What are your thoughts on muscle cars?

Are you committed to one car manufacturer or would you buy just any vehicle?

What's more important to you, the way a car looks or the way it performs?

Did your first car have seat belts?

Do you like a small car, a mid-sized car, or a huge boat of a car?

When you're out on a long stretch of lonely highway, are you the kind of person who might ignore the speed limit?

Do you ever eat food in your car?

Besides you, who gets to drive your car these days?

Back in 1969, were you a cautious driver?

Did you ever drive around town just to be seen by people and show off your car?

Did you become more popular when you started driving?

Did your attitude about cars change as you got older?

What's your opinion on self-driving cars?

If you had to change a flat right this minute, could you do it?

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