Can We Guess What Car You Really Would Have Driven in the '60s?

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VROOM VROOM! If we take a trip back to the 1960s, we'd find some iconic and now-obscure cars filling up the streets. From the popular Camaro to a Microbus, can we guess what car you would have driven in the '60s?

By the time the '60s rolled around, the car industry had already made great waves from where it first began. The car journey began in 1885 in Germany, when inventor Karl Benz created the first true car with an internal combustion engine. In 75 years, the car industry would become one of the biggest around the world, and some of the most iconic cars were created in this decade. Which would you have driven?

The decade was extremely popular for the introduction of muscle cars. The 1960s introduced the classic Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro and Plymouth Road Runner. You would've seen Pontiac GTOs, Shelby GT500s and Dodge Chargers in their native habitat. Would you be cruising in a muscle car or something a little less flashy? 

While it definitely wasn't flashy, the Volkswagen Microbus was a common sight to see. You might've seen Volkswagen's other popular car, the Beetle. Sorry — did you want the luxurious Aston Martin DBS, instead?

There were tons of cars that made the 1960s iconic. Would you have gotten into a raw powerhouse or a "happy" vehicle? Let's find out!

Take this quiz and we'll see if we can guess what you would have driven in the '60s! Buckle those seat belts!

Where would you drive your car?

How important was safety?

Did you care about mileage?

Would you ever take your car off-road?

Who is your car supposed to impress?

Does your car park on a driveway, or in a garage or on the street?

How many people go in your car?

How big do you like it?

How important is horsepower?

Do you prize comfort?

How fast is fast enough?

Are you a hippie?

Would you go camping in your car?

Would you want to offend anyone with your car?

How long would you own your car?

In today's money, how much would you spend?

Would you maintain your car yourself?

Would you expect your car to cost a lot to maintain?

Would you exchange your car for a new one?

Would you buy new or used?

Would you want your car to stay fashionable for a good long while?

Would you want your car to stand out or blend in?

Would you ever take your car to the track?

Do you appreciate good design?

How sophisticated are you?

Which Bond villain would drive your car?

What would be the most unique feature about your car?

Is your car perceived by others as a status symbol, even if you don't see it that way?

Would you drive it yourself, or have a chauffeur?

Would you insist on having an American car?

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