Quiz: Can We Guess What Color Dominates Your Wardrobe?
Can We Guess What Color Dominates Your Wardrobe?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Big Cheese Photo/Big Cheese Photo / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

About This Quiz

What does your favorite color say about you? Theories about this abound, especially when it's your favorite color to wear, not your choice for a new car, or a color with which to paint your walls. 

For this quiz, we're concentrating on the base color of your wardrobe, the one that makes up its "bones." In other words, black, brown, dark blue, or white ( winter white, or cream, counts as well). So while you might be drawn to a red hat, or a vivid yellow scarf, that's not what we're thinking about here -- though we'll also guess at what your favorite accent color might be, as well as your base color. 

Are you a basic-black person? That color is really anything but basic; it reflects a strong personality, in touch with your sexuality and your artistic side. Someone who favors brown is likely to be artistic as well, in a nature-oriented way, favoring organic textures, leather, suede, and maybe wood jewelry. Someone who wears a lot of navy or midnight blue is probably a powerful personality, conservative in their tastes and lifestyle, but ambitious as well. Finally, white or cream suggests a traditional person as well, and one in touch with their feminine side. 

Are you ready to find out what your dominant wardrobe color says about you? Let's get started!

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If you weren't working in your current field, which of these professions would you pursue?

8 of 30
Which of these drinks are you most likely to order?

9 of 30
Which of these is a deal breaker in a relationship?

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What would be your favorite exterior color for a car?

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Where would you most like to go on vacation?

27 of 30
Which of these desserts appeals to you most?

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Which of these games would you most like to play?

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After a reversal of fortune, you have to take a minimum-wage job. Which one do you choose?

30 of 30
No, actually you've won $1 million​ in the lottery! What do you do with your windfall?

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