Can We Guess What Colors Really Look Best on You?

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There is nothing quite as disappointing as eyeing that pearl-white sweater in the store, rushing straight to the dressing room to try it on, and realizing something's just a tad off. You wonder: Is it me? Is it the sweater? Why do I look like a ghost?

Before peeling it off, you deliberate taking up tanning again or heading over to the nearest cosmetics store to buy yourself an instant tanning solution - or at least some kind of bronzer. But would you listen if we told you that all the makeup in the world might not do you justice? (It might, however, stain that gorgeous pearl-white sweater.) 

It's all in the color, dear. Your undertones, your eye color, your hair color and more go into deciphering what looks best on you. Now, does that mean if you have a certain complexion, you can't wear your absolute favorite coral turtleneck? Well, no. But there may be another option that's a bit more flattering. 

For instance, if you are blonde and have a pale skin tone, experts suggest that you should stay away from lighter colors that may wash you out. And if you have darker hair and a darker skin tone, you will look great in pastels. So, what are you waiting for? Take this quiz, and let us guess what colors really look best on you! 

Which eye color is dominant on your mother's side?

Uh oh... This color makes you look pale as a ghost! What is it?

It's our treat! Order a milkshake from Steak 'n Shake.

What metal is your everyday jewelry?

We all need a little vitamin D. How do you tan when you're soaking in the sun?

Which nail polish trend are you loving right now?

Which celeb would play you in a movie?

Which shoe would you wear daily?

The sun is peeking through your blinds on a summer Saturday morning. What would be the perfect day?

What's the best hot chocolate topping?

It's introspection time... What do you think your greatest weakness is?

It's a girl! Congrats on your (fictional) baby. What color are you painting her room?

What kind of braid do you like the most?

If HGTV came to your home, who would you have make over your place?

What's your favorite winter activity?

Think back to that moment of weakness... What was your last impulse buy?

Year after year, which month do you get most excited about?

Peer pressure is REAL. Who is most likely to convince you to do something you wouldn't do on your own?

Which eyeshadow color makes your eyes pop?

Who are you most attracted to?

You just received a diffuser in the mail! Which essential oil will you dump in there first?

By some act of God, your parents decided to buy you a new iPhone! What color is it?

Where is the most beautiful backdrop for a wedding?

Quick! You're at a touch-screen soda machine with a long line behind you. Which flavored Coke do you want?

Aw! Your sweetie just sent you flowers. What kind are they?

What time of day is the sky most gorgeous?

Jeans are overrated. If you could live in leggings for the rest of your life, what color would they be?

What undertones does your hair have?

It's Freaky Friday! You just woke up in the body of this celeb. Who is it?

This year's all about faux fur. Pick your poison!

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