Can We Guess What Country You Grew Up In?

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Did you know there are 195 countries in the world? We knew there were a lot, but wow! With nearly 200 countries on Earth, how can we be sure we grew up in the right one? It's a bit like that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that, even though you love them to death, your parents are not really your parents. You're an alien! No? Just us? All right, forget we said anything ... But certainly, the thought has crossed your mind that your childhood could have been even happier if you've spent it in another country. Like, sure, mac and cheese with sliced-up hotdogs is good, but the fresh baguettes French kids eat are even better. 

See, now we've got you thinking. You always felt a little out of place at T-ball. Even as a five-year-old, you thought the whole concept ridiculous! Instead, maybe you should have been playing youth cricket in India or beginner rugby in Australia. Ah yes, the wheels are turning. We want to try to guess the country you should have grown up in! Take this quiz, and we'll reveal where in the world you should have spent your childhood. Even if those days are long gone, it's not too late to book a trip there! 

Taking it way back, which of the following closest resembles your earliest memory?

How many siblings do you have?

When you were a kid, what was your favorite family vacation?

Which of the following was your favorite subject in school?

Which of the following foods would you have been eager to try when you were a kid?

When your parents were signing you up for recreational sports, which of the following would you have liked to try?

Of the following movies, which is your favorite film?

You get to spend a week in one of the following cities. Which do you choose?

If you were asked to draw your favorite animal when you were a child, what would you have been most likely to draw?

After a day spent playing outside, which ice-cream flavor would you have most likely wanted a scoop of?

Which of the following most closely resembles your favorite childhood memory?

How much of a picky eater were you?

Lots of kids had nightmares. What were your scariest dreams about?

Of the following, who is your favorite cartoon character?

In your family, who did you have the closest relationship to growing up (other than your parents)?

While taking notes in class, what were you always doodling in the margins?

When you were growing up, which of the following was your go-to favorite color?

In your opinion, what's the coolest thing that can be at a child's birthday party?

As a child, what was your favorite toy?

Of the following, which food did you absolutely hate eating?

When you were a kid, which of the following made you the happiest?

Nobody has everything. Which of the following childhood experiences do you wish you would have had?

When you spent an afternoon at home, what activity did you enjoy doing the most?

Which of the following places did you love visiting with your family or class?

Kids are always learning. Which of the following skills do you think is the most important for children to develop?

A story before bed! Which of the following is your favorite children's book?

Even kids have to help out around the house! What was your least-favorite chore?

One good thing about chores is getting an allowance! What were you most likely to spend yours on?

Children have secrets too. What were you most likely to write about in your diary?

Which of the following childhood fantasies did you daydream about?

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